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    Which Session IPA do you like better?

    I like both a lot. all day probably my favorite for being lighter and cheaper around here ;) singlecut 18-watt is my favorite right now, tho I think it's 5%
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    Any new news on Home Depot Homer buckets?

    Yeah no. A quick google search will show literally hundreds of studies showing it is harmful.
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    IPA first batch notes/questions

    If it's too bitter, age a month. If after a month it's too bitter, age the rest another month. Keep going until you're happy. Take notes :) Aging also changes most of the other flavors too, so the results aren't always improving in a beer, but I find you almost always get something tasty...
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    Who's injured themselves brewing

    Do hangovers count? :drunk: I've had mild chemical burns from star-san (and crap, if you have a cut on your hand it's better not to dip that hand in even the properly diluted star san--I knew this was not smart when I did it...anyway). Miraculously home brewing is probably the least dangerous...
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    Recycle dry hops?

    This is my thinking as well. Length of dry hopping, temperature, ABV, pH, etc. etc. are all going to be a factor, so reusing them would require a lot of quality control to get reproduceable results. I also am not sure if this would "open" up the tannins in hops to be more readily extracted in a...
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    Recycle dry hops?

    Compost tea is not tasty, but my plants like it.
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    Why no 'recycle value' on glass wine bottles?

    This is not true--glass has infinite recycling capabilities (any impurities are easily removed) and virtually all glass includes ground recycled glass as one of the ingredients by default. It also requires half the energy to recycle a pound of glass as it does to create it from raw materials...
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    Pulling bottles from your neighbor's recycle bin - thrifty or across the line?

    In my state, beer bottles have a deposit, so often people stroll through the neighborhood grabbing deposit-able bottles from everyone's bins. We almost never dispose of deposit-able bottles now (sodastream + homebrewing = very few bottles) but the few I do I always leave in a separate bag for...
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    Any new news on Home Depot Homer buckets?

    Since it's dry goods and presumably not left in there very long, not something to get too anxious about.
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    Any new news on Home Depot Homer buckets?

    Personally, I am wary of even "Food Grade" plastics. The US legally allows various recycled plastics to go into food grade containers, and generally focus on percentages of safety rather than being 100%. Add the fact that home brews are acidic and stay in the container longer means you end up...
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    Sparkling Peach White Wine, Great Recipe

    Thanks-- I did more research and the welch's frozen concentrates contain a small amount of sulfites which won't be too much of an issue. I think for me, I plan on letting the yeast multiply in the juice to build up a good healthy population and then add 3-4 cans of concentrate.
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    Sparkling Peach White Wine, Great Recipe

    Hey kids, just chiming in! I've made this a few times in small batches and we loved it enough that I now have a 6-gallon batch underway. My question is this: the frozen concentrate lists preservatives in the ingredients--I thought this was a no no? In the past I've used apple juice concentrate...
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    Tap or boiled water

    Not really a simple answer. First: If you tap water tastes bad I wouldn't use it period. Tap water is not sterile, so you'll be taking some small risks if you just use it plain. That said, I've added some at times with no problems at all (and used to with beer making all the time with no...
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    Am I going to get bombs?

    you could use plastic soda bottles with screw caps. Each day, give it a gentle squeeze. If it gets rock hard, let out some pressure.
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    Graham's English Cider

    You can do well with fresh unpasteurized juice/cider from mills, but you have to remember: They are making their blends for drinking, not fermenting, so the benefits are somewhat limited. Near me, I can actually get a carboy filled up for less than the cost per gallon of buying generic stuff...