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  1. Clarke Nicholson

    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    I’ve brewed this 3 times and it’s still one of my favorites.
  2. Clarke Nicholson

    Milkshake IPA

    What yeast are you all using? I also ran this thru brewers friend and at 70% BHE I come in around 6.7 ABV.
  3. Clarke Nicholson

    American Pale Ale Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

    Did you just use the recipe from page 1? I’ve went thru many posts and will be brewing this on Sunday but want to make sure I use the right recipe. Thank You!
  4. Clarke Nicholson

    Witbier Largaarden Belgian Wit

    Thank you Larry! I’m going to making the Hopslam this weekend with help from your Utubes.
  5. Clarke Nicholson

    Blog post: How to design a recipe

    Very good and thank you.
  6. Clarke Nicholson

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  7. Clarke Nicholson

    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    I did brew this last week and only came in at 1.050 SG. It's fermenting nicely but wish I would have came in higher.
  8. Clarke Nicholson

    Turkey recipe's , smoked or otherwise?

    I brine mine for 2 days and smoke for 8 hrs (18 lb bird) I cook 2 every year for Thanksgiving and never have leftovers.
  9. Clarke Nicholson

    Pappy`s Pub Cider - Award Winner!

    How did this turn out? Did you do any gravity readings?