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    Progress Select beer recipe

    Hi everyone, looking for a clone recipe for a Progress select beer brewed in Oklahoma? Thanks in advanced!
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    Things SWMBO says on brewday:

    Mine is very supportive of me brewing. I got one of my neighbors started brewing also and the another one is very interested in getting started. BUT......when the Wives on the block get together and they start talking about their husbands also want to start brewing, my wife shows them all the...
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    Blonde Rye Additions....

    Hey everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend! So I have all grain kit that is a Blonde Rye for AHS and wanting to change it up a little. I am considering on adding 2 cans of pumpkin purée to the mash and 1.5 Tbsp of pumpkin pie spice the last 5 minutes of the boil. I...
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    Metallic taste from beer gun

    I am having some issues when bottling using a beer gun. Beer poured out of the tap taste great, but beer bottled using a beer gun has a metallic taste. I have a container of star San that i put the nozzle of the gun after I fill 6 bottles and cap them. I clean the beer gun and run star San...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Did 2 brews last weekend and didn't get a chance to do the kiwi IPA, so that will be tmorrow. Finally a day in the mid 60's, I am ready for summer!
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    Throwing hops in a boiling pot.....

    I have given up on my Wife liking anything I brew, sorry honey I am not going to brew a bud light lime!
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    Throwing hops in a boiling pot.....

    I can't think of a better smell than throwing hops in a boiling pot of wort on a cold winters day outside! Jalapeño ale coming up...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed this one a couple months ago, very good beer!
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Well it's going to be 32F for a high this weekend and I am tired of being in the house.... So it's going to be a brewing weekend! Kiwi IPA, Pale Ale and a Jalapeño Cream Ale.
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    Very high pressure in keg and lots of foam.

    I force carb if there is room in the keezer with the set and forget. If there in no room or if the beer needs to condition I use priming sugar. I believe I have a issue and should seek help, If I am under 300 beers on tap or in bottles I feel that I am running low and need to start brewing ASAP.
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    Very high pressure in keg and lots of foam.

    After the foam settles the beer taste great! It is a cynic surly clone and was really looking forward to this beer. I will try to bleed off the pressure once it is down to serving temp. If it finished fermenting in the keg, will it affect it any?
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    Very high pressure in keg and lots of foam.

    Hey everyone,this is probably my 12th beer to keg and never had problems until now. I kegged this beer back in mid December using 2.5oz of priming sugar. It was in the fermenter for 3 weeks but I did not take a fg reading before it went in the keg. I just now put it in the keezer and hooked up...
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    What direction should I go?

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased grains to do a 5 gallon batch of Yuri thunderstruck pumpkin but decided I wanted to go a different direction other than a pumpkin beer. Below is a 15 gallon batch that I cut and pasted but I did size it down to 5 gallons on the grains. 21.00 lb Pale Malt...
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    Thanks for everyone's help, it's not pineapple or broccoli. But floating chunks of I'm thinking yeast but a couple of them are dark. This is the kit I used I've done about 15 brews and this is the first one that has turned out like...
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    Hi Everyone, This is a great forum and I have learned so much over the past six months, but now I believe I have a infection on my Grand Cru. I have attached a picture, what is everyones thoughts? Thanks for everyones help!