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    Infected or safe?

    How does it smell? If that passes, let your second best friend try it!
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    Lower than expected final gravity with extract kit

    FG of 1.010 to 1.022 is okay for an american stout according to BJCP.
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    NB Plinian Legacy questions

    What OG are some of you getting adding the water? How much water are you adding also?
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    Dave's Keezer Build

    It looks great. So, what's on tap?
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    dry hopping, but most of the hops are not in contact with the beer (pic)

    Push them down into the beer. I wouldn't worry with a hop bag.
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    Looking for a GO TO IPA for my second extract brew...

    Northern Brewers Lakefront Fixed is a dry hopped red ale, but is a really nice extract kit you should try. I have the dead ringer conditioning right now, but the samples have been good.
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    quick blowoff tube question

    That much pull back would be an issue. I typically have my wort temp down to pretty close to where I need it for fermentation when I pitch the yeast. My understanding is that a large difference in ambient temp to wort temp is what causes the suck back. I would be interested in knowing what the...
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    quick blowoff tube question

    Yes, you only want enough star san to submerge the end of the tube. Any more is only a waste of star san, but won't hurt anything.
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    5 gallons instead of 2.5-3 gallons

    Takuie is correct. You'll want to reduce the hops called for in the first 30 minutes' worth of boil additions 20% by weight to compensate for the increased efficiency from having the additional water. Steve from Northern Brewer explained this very well below. "The early additions spend...
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    5 gallons instead of 2.5-3 gallons

    I start with a 5.5 gal boil and have always had great results. You can even use a lid to control boil off, but you have to watch it closely so you don't get a boil over! The benefits of home brewing is that you can experiment with both and see if there is a difference in the end product.
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    What did you end up using? I always use drinking water.
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    5 gallons instead of 2.5-3 gallons

    That's what I do, but you'll end up adding some due to boil off.
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    Hydrometer in the carboy

    The best successes were always preceded by trial and error! If you don't try it, you'll never know the outcome!