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    Yet another Yeast question

    All about Edwort's original Monrachet.
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    Storing in O2 Permeable Container

    I have some apfelwein stored (about a week) in some jugs and botles I know to be O2 Permeable (basic water jugs) how long can I keep it stored like this before it goes bad?
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    Ascorbic Acid?

    I was geting juice for my next batch of Edwort's and I saw that the Haggen (generic) brand was a dollar cheaper a gallon than Tree Top. The thing is that it does have Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in it. Is this ok? I know other perserevatives are bad.
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    What to Put it In?

    Well I am off to the water supply store (same glass 5 gallon carboys), just cheaper than the ones with the fancy brew company label...
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    What to Put it In?

    Wow I didn't realize how cheap the glass ones are. I have a Better Bottle and it was like $25 or 30
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    What to Put it In?

    Ok I will either leave it where it is or get another 5 gallon container to store it in. Just wondering, how much exposure to oxygen will kill the batch? The other 5 gallon contain I have is one used for water (not a better bottle like the primary), if i get a stopper and maybe an airlock for...
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    What to Put it In?

    It is still going a little tiny bit but i want to get it out of the primary to start some more :). I was thinking those drinking water jugs like they have at the grocery store, i figure that will seal. should i take off the lid every once in a while to release the pressure in these?
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    What to Put it In?

    My AW is finally done fermenting and I need to know what to put it in. The first batch is pretty much going to be consumed in a holiday bash for thanksgiving, so I really dont want to find enough wine bottles for 5 gallons. I still would like it to be sealed (after 5 weeks should I throw in...
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    Racking and Transfer

    I have 5 gallons of Edwort's that is about done. I was going to leave it in the "primary" which is the only carboy I have. Are their any other types of bottles I can put it into cheaply and easily while being sure of the seal? Also, how to I transfer without getting all of the junk at the...
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    a question about Apfelwein

    What is "racking"? I know you do it after fermentation, but I can't tell what exactly it is.
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    question about sugar

    I have heard people say that cane sugar can give your brew some off flavors. I used it anyway on my first batch that is going now, simply because I couldn't find the corn sugar anywhere.
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    Now What

    Could I just age it in what it is in now?
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    Now What

    I am making Apfelwein and it will be done in a few weeks. My question is what to do when it is done. I will not be bottling, as I don't have any and this is for a holiday party. I have heard of siphoning off, but I don't have another carboy right now (in use). Could I siphon it off into...
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    First batch done, moving on

    Whatever you do, keep us updated! This sounds like it could be awesome.
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    Spicing my Apfelwein

    on a different note (hijacking my own thread...) where does everyone get their corn sugar? I have only seen it online and would prefer not to oder it like that.