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    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    5 gallons blue moon clone 5 gallons irish red 5590 gallons
  2. CiscoKid

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    +5 pumpkin ale 5573
  3. CiscoKid

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    5G of a pumpkin spiced ale last night... racked into the fermenter around 1am. Getting ready to brew again this afternoon.
  4. CiscoKid

    What came in the mail for you today?

    4 x Anvil stainless steel fermenting buckets
  5. CiscoKid

    What's been your single most beneficial homebrewing upgrade?

    I agree, kegging made the biggest improvement to my day. Maybe not the best improvement ever to my overall beer (although it did reduce a lot of extra racking), but certainly improved my sanity.
  6. CiscoKid

    Clarifying, "When the fermentation slows (5-7 days), but before it completes"

    As was pointed out already, racking the beer into another vessel isn't going to lighten the color of the beer. The color was decided up front based on the grain bill - or in this case the extract and any other items that were added for the boil. What racking the beer will do is get it off of...
  7. CiscoKid

    My bitter went away, is this preventable?

    Hop bitterness will decrease with time. This is why IPAs are best served "fresh" (for lack of a better term). Cellar a bottle of a commercial IPA for 3 years and then compare it with the one for the store. You'll notice the difference. In beer, longer boil times w/ the hops may help with...
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    o-ring popped out...

    Honestly - you should expect beer. Odds are the temperature shock is going to play havoc on the yeast and you're not going to get anything like the number of active cells advertised on the packet from the start - might take a little longer to get real active, might have some off flavors...
  9. CiscoKid

    Re-hydrating yeast kills?

    http://koehlerbeer.com/2008/06/07/rehydrating-dry-yeast-with-dr-clayton-cone/ I've never actually be able to authenticate that this e-mail really was from Dr. Cone, who probably has forgotten more about yeast than I ever learned, but it certainly makes sense and aligns with the instructions you...
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    Another NEWB

    It is a distilling product, used to make your initial mash which you then use in your still. Pretty sure if you use it to make beer it'll taste like ****.
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    Poll: What is your investment in homebrewing?

    One point I forgot to mention before, upgrading along the way will cost you more money. If you really want that better boil kettle, or that whatever cool gadget, spend the extra money upfront and be done with it, IMO.
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    Whats your favorite porter?

    This ^^^ Also, if you want dessert in a glass and you can find it, Maui Brewing's coconut porter is a rare treat.
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    Poll: What is your investment in homebrewing?

    I'm somewhere under $5k. I've never actually thought to stop and add it up. It wasn't all in one shot, like any hobby a little bit here, a little bit there. Quality isn't necessarily equal to the amount spent. Proper technique and sanitation is a must and will go much farther in producing...
  14. CiscoKid

    When to move to secondary

    I am a lazy brewer: I go straight from primary to kegs. I put the kegs on CO2 and let them sit for a couple of weeks. First glass pretty much takes care of any trub that settled in the keg.
  15. CiscoKid

    Off flavors - Sanitation and/or Temperature?

    From my experience, I tend to attribute off flavors that intensify over time to some sort of infection. Check your process, cleanliness is next to godliness. :) 2) That's a long time sitting on top of the dead yeast at the bottom of the primary. Unless I'm doing something like dry hopping...