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    What am I doing wrong

    Ambient air was 68, but I did have it directly in front of an AC vent running 24/7. It's a 6 gallon fermenter so it may have gotten fairly warm inside.
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    What am I doing wrong

    No real signs of infxn that I can appreciate. No neck ring, no gushers, not sour.
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    What am I doing wrong

    All stainless steel.
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    What am I doing wrong

    Hey guys and gals. Very new to homebrewing. I have one all grain batch under my belt and the second is currently bottle conditioning. I need help identifying an off flavor. My first batch was an IPA. Began noticing a metallic cherry flavor during fermentation. I fermented rather hot...
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    Brew day favorites

    Hello, all! Want to start off by thanking all you folks who contribute to this site. Ive lurked around for a while and gathered some great info that helped me get through my first all grain brew and most importantly, the neurotic obsessions and paranoia that came after. This first batch is...
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    American Pale Ale Da Yooper's House Pale Ale

    Im going for it this weekend. I bit off more than I could chew for my first all grain. Got a recipe sent to me from Fort Collins brewery. Hit some road bumps and fermented kind of hot, but in the bottles now and should hopefully turn out drinkable. This recipe looks much more manageable and...