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    Storing rhizomes?

    Great! thanks for the tip. Will put them in fridge now
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    Storing rhizomes?

    Back in January I ordered some rhizomes from Adventures in Homebrewing, choosing them because they advertised the earliest ship date (sometime in february), but long story short, they arrived today. In the 3 months that they took to get here, I have decided to move from Alabama to Georgia for...
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    Coffee Beers

    Had a chance last week at the SCAA Expo (Specialty Coffee Association of America) to attend an exhibit called "Uppers and Downers" which was curated by Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting. Really interesting and well done. They had (mostly) local breweries and roasteries paired to create coffee...
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    Coffee Beers

    Thanks for the input guys. I'll have to try out these suggestions soon. That Terrapin selection is pretty much what I'd be looking to try, either from a brewing or drinking standpoint. I've had both of those Alabama beers (live in Auburn nowadays--The coffee IPA was from Red Clay in Opelika)...
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    Coffee Beers

    As a homebrewer and coffee professional (roastery and cafe) I can say with certainty that Beer and Coffee are the two most important drinks in my life, and I love exploring the intersection of the two. In conversations with other folks, we've wondered about what kinds of coffee would do best...
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    Sankey Keg to Corny Kegs

    Great Answers, Thanks for the responses guys!
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    Sankey Keg to Corny Kegs

    Hey guys, I've got what's probably a simple question but can't really figure it out. I work in a coffee shop that has a 6 tap set up, all set up for commercial Sankey kegs that our distributor brings in. We've got a tap that's dedicated to our cold brew that we've got on tap. Right now we're...
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    American Brown Ale BBD Brown Biscuit

    Brewed this up today! Very interested to see how it turns out as even though I've done all-grain and extracts, this was my first partial mash with a cooler (a little 2 gallon powerade cooler that had been sitting around my parents house for years). Didn't pre-heat the cooler so mash temp was...
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    How old is your oldest beer? (And is it drinkable)

    Something really basic like an American pale ale or something. When we went to the homebrew shop to get our ingredients for that next brew he told the cashier about it, who thought it was the grossest thing he'd ever heard Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    How old is your oldest beer? (And is it drinkable)

    In August 2012 my dad unearthed a few bottles of a brew he did in August 1999. It was terrible but he drank them all. The yeast sediment at the bottom looked like bath tub scum. It was a great experience though because a week later we got all of his old stuff out again and brewed my first batch!
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    Homebrew store in Shenzhen, China?

    If you have the patience and passable language skills, you can make TaoBao work pretty well for you. Some buddies and I were able to piece together a 10 gallon all grain setup from a few Taobao stores and the local hardware areas. There are stores on there that will have most of the ingredients...
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    Mailing Beer

    Question with some backstory: I have a friend who is currently thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. As most do, he checks for mail at various post offices along the trail, where they'll hold packages for thru-hikers. I want to send him a package with stuff he needs (food mostly) but but maybe a...
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    has anyone tried the brewers best oatmeal stout kit

    A week later and this is much improved no grassy aftertaste and pretty dang tasty. It's real heavy, I'm not sure I could have another even they were all ready to go. Nice desert beer. Can't wait to see how it is a week from now.
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    Georgia roll call

    Atlanta, specifically Buckhead. Just up the road from HopCity.
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    What do you do with all your beer?

    I gave a bunch of my last batch away. It was a mixture of the fact that I was proud of the way it turned out and I had promised some of the previous to more friends than I should have. The big problem was that I haven't recovered many of the bottles, because most of them were given as thank...