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    Conversion from extract to all grain

    after posting my message I did a little digging. I came up with 8.5 or so pounds. thanks for the quick responses. Chuck
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    Conversion from extract to all grain

    is there a quick and dirty conversion from pounds of malt extract to pounds of grain? I found a recipe that calls for 6.6 pounds Northwestern Weizen malt extract. How many (roughly) pounds of actual grain would this be? I have done all-grain before so does that make me an...
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    trying to figure out fermentation

    what happens if the fermentation temperature is too high? I would assume that 80 degrees is too much??
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    Digging Up Hops

    What time of year did you dig up the side roots? I am in WI and was thinking about doing it within the next month or so. That way the recipients could plant them directly into the ground.
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    Digging Up Hops

    How about splitting the rootball? What time of year can it be done? I have buried two five gallon buckets with bottoms removed 3-4 years ago and the buckets are solid each year. I promised a couple friends I would dig up some of the roots for them. Is now the time to do such a task in WI?
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    Breckenridge Brewery Double IPA

    I would love to try to make this as well. I had it last week in CO and fell in love!
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    Parker Colorado

    I tried it up in Breckenridge last week while we were in CO. One word-yummy! my wife said it smelled like our backyard when I harvest my hops. The table of "men" next to us had a sampler tray and none of them liked it. I think it had an alcohol level of 9.2%, I believe. They would only...
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    ROOT beer and yeast question

    I threw the 2.5 gal batch into my 5 gal glass carboy, with the intentions of it sitting there for 12 hours or so, then bottling it. I was expecting to see some bubbling with the airlock on top of the carboy. thanks for the heads up on the soda forum. i must have looked right past it.
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    ROOT beer and yeast question

    I am trying to make an extract-based rootbeer for the kids. the yeast may have been a bit old (expires November 2008). I just pitched the yeast at 4pm central time. Can I re-pitch new yeast later this evening if I do not see active fermentation? Gimme your thoughts, Chuck the...
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    Do they need to be frozen?

    I just "seal a mealed" all of my hops for this year and came up with 12 packages ranging in size from 1.5 to 2.4, with a "smart idea" this year of double pack --sealing 2 bags of 2.0 oz for IPA recipes. I have a pile of hops that I may not use all my self (read as Xmas gifts to my homebrewing...
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    what do your dried bagged hops look like?

    that is cool. I will try that next year. I may even take a couple of my 2 oz bags this year and give it a try. Thanks
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    what do your dried bagged hops look like?

    Hey Tim with the 1 oz plugs!! gimme more details on the process. I currently have 13 little pillows of 2.0 to 2.4 oz per bag that will take up a fair amount of space in the freezer, even after I "seal a meal" them down. Do you line the PVC pipe with saran wrap or what do you do? what...
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    what do your dried bagged hops look like?

    when bagging up my hops the other day, it seems like the petals of the cones fall completely off the stems. Is this normal or did I let the cones get too dry before bagging them? It also seems like a lot of the yellow lupulin fell through the drying screen onto the floor below. Am I just...
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    another newbie hop harvesting question--pluck or snip

    once cut, make sure you remove them from the vines relatively soon. Due to family commitments, I had to let some of mine hang on the vine for 2 days. Weather in WI was hot and windy. I think I lost a lot of the lupulin (spelling??)