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    My first oak barrel

    @AJinJacksonville The head distiller is part of our brewers guild. Not sure why they wouldn't get back to you. I paid 110 bucks for it. Seemed reasonable I see them online for 140, sometime on sale for 100 but that does not include shipping @Amadeo38 I will have to keep an eye on my first batch...
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    My first oak barrel

    I just picked up my first oak bourbon barrel from a local distillery. Its 5 gallons and was emptied a couple weeks ago. Here are some questions.... I'm brewing a Russian imperial stout tomorrow that I would like to age in it. It will be ready in 3 weeks or so for the barrel. Will I need to...
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    Old rubber stoppers

    My uncle gave me all of his old equipment which included grolsch bottles, carboys, rubber stoppers, and airlocks. All the equipment has been in his basement for a while now (9 years ish) so of course I have my concerns with how clean they are! Glass carboys no problem throw them on my...
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    Old kit ingredient usage

    Would love to hear how it turns out op. Uncle just gave me all his old equipment which included several carboys and some kits that were best buy 2011. They are lme. Just chuck them?
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    Egg/fart smell in kegged cider!

    Update.... Whenever I can remember once a day I have been purging the keg. Working out great! Still a smell but not as strong, much more bearable. Taste has also changed but thats probably because of time. Thanks for the help glad I didnt dump it.
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    Egg/fart smell in kegged cider!

    I figured purging would help. How would I safely open the keg at this point to add a piece of sanitized copper? Never opened a keg before after I kegged and carbonated!
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    Egg/fart smell in kegged cider!

    This is my 3rd cider I've made. First 2 came out great and this 3rd one has a good flavor but nasty smell! Smells like sulfer or eggs. I already kegged it and its been in the keg for about 2 months. Anything I can do to eliminate the smell? I'm guessing probably not, thankfully I only make 2.5...