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    regulator got wet/submerged

    Hi folks. I have a canvas bag that I use to carry around my tapping stuff (hoses fittings, etc). One way or another this bag wound up in a tub of ice water. Unfortunately I had a regulator in the bag that wound up at least partially submerged in the water for several hours. I believe the...
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    plate heat exchanger brand for industry

    The exchanger in the pic is about the size of some of the smaller ones we have at work. Not sure what you're wanting to know OP. where I work they have Tranter heat exchangers. They seem quite dependable to me, though I'm hardly an expert. They're in use pretty much 24/7. They're extremely...
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    Sparging with DME

    No sense in confusing the issue with all-grain discussion. The important thing to figure out is what recipe the OP is attempting to follow, and what ingredients he has on hand. A very basic extract recipe would consist of malt extract, hops, and yeast. How much and what type of each depends...
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    Wyeast budvar lager..

    absolutely. Not sure about the specifics for that particular strain, but I believe most lager yeast ferments best in the 10-15c range. 20c is pretty warm and might cause the yeast to produce undesired esters and such. I'd bring the temp back down to where it should be.
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    Dealing with ash after boiling

    Yellow flames and soot means you're running too rich: not enough air for the amount of fuel. Having the pot in place is good for optimizing the flame, but generally it shouldn't matter too much. Open up the air shutter so you have a decent blue flame, but not so much the flame is overly noisy...
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    Brewpub Legality Question

    Been a little while since the OP, but... Looks to me like that form is in regard to the bond (insurance basically) the state requires for you to open/run your business.
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    What's up with Nottingham dry yeast new price?

    Seems all (both?) the big dry yeast producers have jacked up their prices. Was at the LHBS recently and they had w-34/70 priced at almost seven bucks a packet! Are you kidding me? Seems that its still available online for a decent price so I'm feeling forced to go that route. Thats not the...
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    Who Refills Your CO2 Tank? (not your LHBS?)

    Rockford Fire and Safety in Rockford, IL beat out the area's large welding and gas supplier. Got my 4 pound tank filled for 10 bucks. 20 pound tank was 24 bucks to certify and 16 to fill.
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    15 gallon plastic kegs?

    I gotta think he's talking about your typical blue plastic 55 gallon drum, rather than what we would consider a "keg". I recently grabbed 3 from work that contained NSF grade anti-foaming agent. However, since they've been sitting around for a while, and I'm not sure how well the stuff would...
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    Going against the grain.

    You guys ain't got nothin! I secondary the vast majority of my beers! :p ;) Also don't use a hydrometer a lot of the time.
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    When to add Hops?

    If you're unsure of your boiloff rate, you might want to use one gallon per hour as a starting point. How long the hops are boiled effect what they contribute to the beer and how much. Boiling hops longer will increase the amount of bitterness extracted (to a point). If you're talking about...
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    easy ways to clear beer?

    Don't know if there's anything "so special" about secondaries. I can't offer any scientific evidence, merely anecdotal. I don't know if its the turbulence of transferring that knocks the last bit of stuff out of suspension or what. I've had beers in primary 3+ weeks that wouldn't clear up...
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    easy ways to clear beer?

    The easiest? Time. How long has the beer fermenting. The "apple cider" taste might not be a trick- it could indicate the beer is still young or that fermentation is otherwise incomplete. Once the beer is done fermenting, give it time for all the yeast and other particulates to settle. Cold...
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    third batch wort tastes bitter?

    I'm certain you're fine. That intense bitterness will mellow as the beer ferments and conditions.
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    Visiting Wisconsin - What beers to try?

    Finally someone has mentioned Capital. I'm not sure what their entire lineup consists of, but their "standards" are excellent examples of their respective styles. Gotta be the best domestically made German style Pilsner I've ever had. What about Capital's offering? Can't get much more...