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    How to ground hot water heater element in cooler?

    Bump... Someone has a good answer on this one - help appreciated so I can cook tomorrow!
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    How to ground hot water heater element in cooler?

    I've installed a hot water heater element in a cooler that I plan to use as a sous vide machine. Any ideas on the best way to ground this? I'll always have it plugged into a GFCI breaker, but my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that grounding is still essential. FYI I also...
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    How big an aquarium pump for HERMS mixing

    Anyone with experience here? I'm also curious how they hold up to heat. I'm not a big fan of plastics leaching into my brewing water.
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    Spa Panel Wiring

    Yep, panel's out because I'm putting in another circuit for my kegerator. Thanks, though!
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    Spa Panel Wiring

    I just bought a 50 amp spa panel. I have an unused breaker in my box that I believe is 100 amp (50 x 2). See pictures below. A few questions: 1. Can I wire the spa panel to this breaker? 2. Is this indeed 100 amp? 3. If it is 100 amp, should I consider getting a higher amp spa panel? Thanks!
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    $46 spa panel on ebay

    Thanks, @tjash. I just picked up the other one. Now let's hope they work...
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    Dog Days of Summer Sale (FREE SHIPPING CODE) - Kegconnection.com

    Please send me a code as well.
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    How often do you clean/sanitze your HLT?

    I know it's pre-boil so sanitizing isn't really necessary, but I've always swished a bit of Star San around to prevent bad flavors that I *thought* might come from anything lurking around in there.
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    How often do you clean/sanitze your HLT?

    I'm looking at various options for my electric build (thread here). Right now I'm thinking two vessel with no HLT due to space constraints, however I do have the option of installing an HLT out of the way above the rest of my equipment. Given that it's just water in the HLT, how often does it...
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    It's Time... Hybrid RIMS/HERMS eBuild

    I'm in CO (used to be NY so my profile might still show that in some places) and my water is currently at 60 degrees. Sizz seems to have done it - see his thread referenced above. I haven't yet purchased the RIMS tube nor element. I want to nail down the requirements first. Seems like worst...
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    RIMS and HERMS?

    @Ranger9913, are you getting consistent temperature output on your RIMS? I'm looking to do something similar. My build thread is here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f170/its-time-hybrid-rims-herms-ebuild-327669/
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    It's Time... Hybrid RIMS/HERMS eBuild

    I posted on Sizz's thread but wanted to hear from others as well: Can a RIMS tube put out water of a consistent temperature with a bit of tuning? Remember I'm using the BCS-462 for control. I'll be using the on-demand RIMS for 3 things: 1. Filling MLT with strike water at proper temp 2. Fly...
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    RIMS Build

    Hey Sizz, how are you liking the on-demand RIMS after a few years of use? I'm just starting on my build and considering a similar system for strike/sparge water: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f170/its-time-hybrid-rims-herms-ebuild-327669/ Are you able to consistently hit your temps after the...
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    It's Time... Hybrid RIMS/HERMS eBuild

    That's a clever setup. Will you put a heat element directly in the cooler?
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    It's Time... Hybrid RIMS/HERMS eBuild

    Here's my general idea for process with a hybrid system. Looking for any input positive or negative. Am I over complicating things? Should I just stick to RIMS? Equipment: - Keg MLT - Keg BK - RIMS tube as on-demand water heater (see Sizz build...