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    I bought 2 8-Quart stockpots and a collander for my mashing & sparging, and had good results. The collander I use is tight fitting on the stock pot, and can hold a lot of grain. The critical part is the Mash. That is where the sugars are formed. I mash at 131 degrees for a 1/2 hour, then 155...
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    Brown Ale Question

    Yeah, you got to wait for that cool break. I dont put wort in the fermenter until it is 78o... Cool it down and let it ferment!! Even if you have to use a secondary.
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    Cherry Wheat

    I tend to use cherries by smell, when i got the wort boiling, I just add enough where I get a cherry smell, but mostly malt, and usually, a 20-24oz can of cherries does the trick. If you want to play it safe, I would probably use just a 16oz can.
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    Cherry Wheat

    The problem with cherry extract is it is too strong. Its like using Maraschino cherries. If the syrup content is a concern, you could always use the light cherries or no syrup types.
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    Water won't boil HELP!

    You go to put a lid on it. As the saying goes, watched water never boils.. But a Tim Allen type device wont hurt either. REWIRE it!!
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    Simpson Beer Unlock

    Me like beer... But my bottles are the PET plastic type. I am having a hard time using this device on them. But the sayings are nice.
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    Cherry Wheat

    Wietbier is a Belgian Beer known as white beer.. Not the same as Cherry Wheat. Here is a Cherry Wheat Recipe For 5 Gallons using extracts..... 6.6 lbs. Wheat Malt Syrup 1 oz. tettnang hops 24 oz can Comstock Pie Cherries (Heavy Syrup, Puree First in Blender) German Wheat Yeast...
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    Porter, Stout

    Stouts and Porters The origins of Porter and Stout are buried in London at the turn of the 18th Century. A popular drink at this time was called Three Threads and was made by publicans mixing pale, young brown and matured stale brown ales. This was the first Porter. The London brewers, due...
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    Does anyone have this recipe?

    I checked out this beer and wanted to make a clone of it, but nobody as a clue of the ingredients, or what the original beer tastes like. Can anybody help? Here is the only info I could find on this beer...
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    Exploding bottles

    I was curious about your situation, so I did some research. I came across this website, which has this device that should help in your situation. It seemed to be such a simple device, so I thought, hmm... The obvious answers are often the best ones. Check this link out and let me know if this...
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    Simpson Beer Unlock

    I was wondering if anybody has this device, and if they had the manual on how to use it??? :confused:
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    liquid condensing in airlock?

    Lager yeast is for low-temperature fermentation (46-50O F)
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    liquid condensing in airlock?

    When you have a lot of fermentables, you got to let the yeast do its job. I wouldnt have taken the lid off during the primary fermentation. I would have left it alone, because it could take at least 10 days to ferment with that many fermentables. Then, if I wanted to clear things up, then I...
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    Stronger ALC%

    CRYSTAL MALT The classic British body builder and a British invention. Unsurpassed in Bitter beers for adding subtle sweetness to balance the customary high hop rate. It is produced in the same way as Caramalt except that kilning is prolonged until the desired colour is reached. Crystal malts...
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    Culligan bottles

    I would give them a try. But I wouldnt set them outside. If the Culligan man wants them back, you may end up without beer.