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    will cold crashing now help stop over attenuating?

    You don’t seriously worry yourself with hitting a specific FG? OG yes but life’s too short to bother trying to control FG too much
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    nitro cold brew

    So to admit a stupid thing.... I spent $$ on an infuser before I realized my regulator had a leak so I’m happy with it but still if not for that leak I didn’t find in a new regulator..... Always check everything is the lesson
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    Gulo ale

    I just poured first one and it’s good, that yeast might even be my new jam. I did pure oxygen it good though and normally I would have been more particular about the water but this was James river tap ran through a carbon block rather fast so it’s actually something I’ve never done before and it...
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    Voss Kveik yeast is a monster

    Around the second gen mine smelled like feces and even 2 of the 5.5 abv beers feels like the day after a 12 pack of steel reserve. Never had this happen in the past
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    Gulo ale

    Does this yeast get sulfurous? I used Richmond VA tap water something possessed me to use 5 campden tabs over 9 gallons. All grain 5 gallon batch
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    nitro cold brew

    I made 5 gallons cold brew and recently got out up with a stout faucet and nitrogen. Does this work the same way as co2 and beer? I have it set at 50 psi and tried shaking it some but coffee backed up some into the gas line. I cleared it and am just letting it sit. It did not bubble like co2...
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    Copper equipment

    My 50 ft 1/2 inch stainless was $100 it's way nicer than my old copper one. I should have upgraded sooner. More beer is where I got it. It's built very well.
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    O rings

    Does anyone know the correct orings for ball lock kegs from McMaster Carr ? None of the links work anymore.
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    Is all silicone equal and food safe?

    Silicone house caulk is not safe but you can buy food grade silicone caulk. The food grade silicone spray I have smells really chemically. I have a new China keg and the o ring it came with was silicone and very nice compared to the common ones. I think silicone is silicone in tubing or Oring form
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    IO Start sanitizer to purify water

    IDK but I think campden tablets are used for that by hiking and camping people.
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    Plastic smell in Vittles Vault

    I never noticed any off flavors but I feel like I remember how basically odorless mine was when I got it. If you have ever had a new memory foam pillow or mattress would you compare the smell to that because that is strong but it airs out over time until it's gone.
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    Plastic smell in Vittles Vault

    I never smelt anything in mine or even thought about it, never even rinsed it out. I think don't worry about it because it will smell like grain soon anyways.
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    Copper equipment

    I feel like the few times I had the copper chiller perfectly bright clean when it went in the wort that those were better beers. I've also had a few batches that I dumped because 2 would give me a headache and nausea. I thought something the yeast did but after searching some on this it could...
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    Copper equipment

    Any one have opinions on coppers effectiveness for chilling( and the safety of it plus any flavor impact) vs stainless. My 3 year old 3/8 inch 50 ft cooper chiller oxides so bad between brews that I just think it can't be good all that going into beer. I had it 2 brews ago develop a pea sized...
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    Yakima Valley ADHA hop pack? (Azacca, Jarrylo, Pekko and Summit)

    Hops direct ships fed ex which is expensive, YVH is flat rate so 4 lb of hops can be $7. Fed ex starts at $13 I think for anything.