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    IPA Recipe using Lemon Drop! Criticize me!

    My main observation is you're overcomplicating. 6.7% Maris Otter is going to do very little, same with the Vienna. Also, first wort hopping and bittering at 60? Pick one or the other. There's a fine line between complex and complicated.
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    Best Before Dates

    I checked viability on a yeast bay vial recently. It was within a week or two of use by, and still 90%+ viable (methylene blue tested).
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    Yeast advice

    Yep, stick it in the fridge. It'll last 7 days and barely lose any viability.
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    Dumping FG sample back into secondary

    Not a big risk if you clean and santise your equipment. However you'll be adding oxygen, which should always be avoided.
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    Rocket Fuel # 1 tasting notes and impressions (early)

    I have no idea what you're trying to achieve here, but it doesn't sound appealing. There are ways of getting a strong beer with low FG and thinner body with barley. This looks like a 7% beer with alcohol added and not much else.
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    WLP 550 Achouffe is a Beast!!!

    Most of your flavour etc comes from first 48-72 hours of fermentation. So, keep it at 68 (if you planned to ferment cool), for about 48 hours, then let it go up to 72 and stay there until it's done. Optimum temp for this strain is apparently 68-78f, which is a big range! For a Belgian IPA, 78f...
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    Your three favorite hops for an IPA

    So many great new hops about, citra, mosaic, nelson sauvin, which area great, but I find myself craving good old 'Murican 'C' hops in a west coast IPA. Chinook, Cascade, Centennial. Mmmm.
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    Harvesting from Chimay?

    WLP500 is a really nice yeast. I always thought Shimmay (hehe) wasn't the best example of Belgian yeast and only tried it because i got some free. Really pleased though! Fermented cooler than usual for a Belgian for some nice earthy/herbal and banana notes and not a massive phenol bomb like...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    No brewing, but just dry hopped an IPA fermented with the Vermont ale yeast (and some wlp001 because it slowed a lot at 1.018, down to 1.014 now though). Little too cold for it to finish by itself. Then got a decently sized citra IIPA about reading for cooling & dry hopping, and a 6% oatmeal...
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    Belgian dubbel with USO 5?

    You'll get a reasonable flavour off the malt for a dubbel, but the yeast isn't ideal. I'd drop the end of boil hops, or bitter with the chinook and use saaz at end of boil. I don't think the likes of Chinook have any place as an aroma hop in a Belgian dubbel, much as I like it.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing right now! 6.0% Oatmeal Stout. Trying to fill the void between 'normal' 4% and imperial stouts... I making a strong stout, or a session imperial stout? Foreign extra? I should also add, that I finished brewing 1320 gallons of west coast IPA at work about 3 hours ago. haha!
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    To Amylase or not to Amylase....

    Take 200ml, place it in a conical flasks. Add 1 gram of yeast (us05), or 5ml slurry if you don't have dry. Place on stir plate for 48 hours @70f with airlock. Measure... No significant movement in gravity = sugars too complex. Movement down to where it should finish fermenting (1.010-1.012??) =...
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    Brewing dark beers with soft water, Critique!

    I'd up the bicarb and CaCl2 if I were you. My water isn't a million miles of what you've got there and without more of those two, I was getting astringency issues, most likely from pH raising too much throughout the sparge due to low buffering. pH 5.3 is fine for the mash, I wouldn't worry...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Home brewed APA. Really good, some refreshing citrus notes with herbal background and pleasant bitterness. Probably one of my best homebrews in a technical perspective. Fully conditioned after two weeks in bottle. Used cascade, centennial, chinnoo, citra end of of boil. Dry hopped citra and...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed a Burton Ale yesterday (Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal, Invert No3, caramel colouring). West Yorkshire ale yeast and some admiral hops. Today I brewed a Rye IPA, 10% Rye, 10% Munich, Maris Otter then plenty of simcoe, centennial and cascade.