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  1. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann TopTier burners

    Two available: with legs $125. Without: $100. West Hartford, CT
  2. chigundo

    Connecticut Grainfather conical $550

  3. chigundo

    Connecticut Grainfather conical $550

    Never opened conical with the digital temp and dual valve. I impulsed bought this and changed my mind. Cheaper to sell for what I paid than return shipping.
  4. chigundo


    Conical is $530. Who's getting one?
  5. chigundo

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    $530 for base unit.
  6. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann ToP has module & burner

    Price drop
  7. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann ToP has module & burner

    $500 pickup
  8. chigundo

    Illinois Grainfather stuff

    Did you get a different cooler? Why not use what came with it?
  9. chigundo

    Connecticut Moving, need to downsize... unfortunately

    How did you mount burners to this?
  10. chigundo


    I don't have any place inside that has exhaust and the smell of delicious wort is only pleasurable to me and not the other house guests.
  11. chigundo


    Always brewed outside, which I like.. the selling point for me with the Grainfather is everything else about.