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    Dry yeast Vs Liquid

    I've heard this argument many times and Finally I got an answer from a pro, I have been working at Crescent City Brewery for about 5 months and was surprised to find that, with our Wiess beer, our only ale, we use SafBrew, 500 grams to 250 gal. and it makes a damn fine beer. When I asked about...
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    Help with a Christmas Cider Recipe

    Without any idea of gravity or what not, since I own no hydrometer, I cant tell you the exact abv of my cider currently but I used sweet mead yeast and got a primary ferment that went over 60 bpm for about 7 days, primary lasted 14 days before it slowed enough to consitter secondary. Only...
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    Is there such a thing as 2 much?

    sounds like alot, you dont want this to turn out grassy, I would go with 2 oz at the most. I just made a 65 min IPA with 14 hop addtions and a 1.5 oz dry hop, its ****ing amazing.
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    Simcoe and Amarillo users

    I bought a Lb. of Simcoe a while back and have been using them in most of my brews, im very impressed with the piney taste of them, not to bitter and a great clean taste, good for dry brews. As for Amarillo I have not used them, but sites say they are much like cascade, another a bought a Lb...
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    Help with a Christmas Cider Recipe

    Sam of Dogfish Head advised to spice your brews its better to make a potent spice tea at bottling than putting the spices in at ferment, says it leaves them tasting fresher and helps from the ferment changing the taste of them.
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    Muscelmen's Cider

    Thank god, I was going to file missing persons reports in a few days. Thanks for the help, Sounds like ill be adding spice to the glass, maybe spice a gallon or 2 when bottling and see how it works out. Thats the way I heard Sam from Dogfish head say, making a potent spice tea at bottling...
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    Muscelmen's Cider

    i've been dealing with fourms for years and this has to be the slowest I have ever delt with. Their is a lack of help in alot of sections. I know people have made spiced cider, come out the woodwork and help somebody once in a while, who would support a helpless forum?
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    Muscelmen's Cider

    Went through with it, been in the primary for 7 days now and is still going mad. The airlock has been going an average of 60 bpi a minute the entire time and dosnt show any sign of stopping soon. Is this normal or a promise of an extremely alcoholic cider? Still smells like apples so I...
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    Muscelmen's Cider

    I intend to use Muscelmen's Cider this weekend to do my first cider and was wondering if this is right for this... the only thing other than cider is Vitamin C and citric acid would not be a problem. I also lucked into some white labs Sweet Mead yeast for cheap and I dont see people using this...
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    Pumpkin Ale Timing Question

    I,ve seen alot of people adding their spices at bottling as a spice tea, that is what Sam from Dogfish Head segested, and he is a pro. Not that it helps now or anything.
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    Royal Rootbeer Extract

    my spelling sucks but its something like Sodium Benzite, if it has that its a fermentation inhibitor. If so I wouldnt use it unless you keg, and even then in the keg itself, when making root beer you use that extract with 4 LB of cane suger and then it only ferments enough for the pressure of...
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    Longest ALE can be stored...

    Everybody says nothing that can hurt you can grow in beer, so get one of those beers out of your purse, open it, pour it, smell it and taste it.
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    First AG 80% efficiency!?

    95 is real high bro, In the last issue of BYO they had some big belgian brewerys talking about their ferments and oddly enough, unlike what I have seen with ales, starting a little high and lowering the temp when ferment starts, they started at around 65 and let it rise as the ferment when on...
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    Stout advice needed

    Wouldnt it be better to add your expresso at the end of the boil, or even to the secondary? Coffee never really gets boiled because it takes bad tastes from it, also it isnt in water for an hour because again it takes more bitter, harsh notes from the grounds. Not that you said this was a...
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    Ridiculous IPA recipes

    Anybody ever drank 65-65-65-6.5? Thats going to be my next weekend brew and was wondering about the results from some experienced folk. My hop sch. will be Summit - 1/2 oz Simcoe - 3/4 oz Cascade - 1 oz All of them broke into 14 parts and added every 5 min for 65 min. 1/2 oz of each...