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    Indiana Blichmann Floor Burner for sale

    Also they do not include a propane regulator
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    Indiana Blichmann Floor Burner for sale

    I will post photos tomorrow. And PM you price to ship to you.
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    Indiana Blichmann Floor Burner for sale

    I have 3 Blichamnn Floor Burners for sale. I would like $100 each or make a reasonable offer. I can post pictures later if need be.
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    Brewing with Amoretti

    So I have access to Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavors ( and know that a lot of professional breweries are using them along with other Amoretti products. I was wondering if anyone has experience using their any of...
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    Ideas For A Stout

    Drop the black for debiterized black it's not as astringent, add some flaked oats or try Golden naked oats. Not sure about pacman on a stout but it will make beer. I'm a little hesitant about the cherries in the boil, but if you have done this before and you like it go with it.
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    Citra/Apollo IPA recipe review (please)

    Spend the money on enough liquid yeast since you are so close to brew day. S-04 is ok on a pale bit is essentially the same as Wyeast 1098 British ale and I do not find it makes a good pale. If you want something English try WYeast 1469 West Yorkshire or 1968 londen ESB. I have been really...
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    Kolsch recipe feedback

    I like to add a little Munich or Vienna to my Kolsch, I have also used Belgian Pils and with a touch of Avengard Carahell just to get the color correct. Concerning yeast I have used Wyeast 2565 and had great success. I am looking forward to trying out Imperial Organic G03 Dieter on my next Kolsch
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    Golden Naked Oats in Belgian Wit

    I am working on a Belgian Wit recipe, and I know traditionally a small amount of flaked oats are used. Well I was wondering has anyone used Simpsons Golden Naked Oats in one. I feel as though the effect would be the same because it is there to add to the smoothness in the mouth feel. Thoughts?
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    March pump from Speidel to Corny keg

    So I am currently using a 120L Speidel fermenter for my batches. Well transferring in to kegs is not my favorite thing, but I started doing a CO2 push to help the process out. The reason for this is because I am sealing my kegs before hand and do not have oxygen touch the beer. I fill through my...
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    ABV issue

    Thanks for the advise and thoughts. I have some thinking to do, and this has helped.
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    ABV issue

    I had been doing 90 minute for the Pilsner malt because in Brewing Classic Styles Jamil says that you may need to do the 90 rest and 90 boil. Thus why I did that, I will look at shorting the rest time in the future with Pilsner malt.
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    ABV issue

    I did the 90 at 149 because of the Pilsner malt and the possibility of DMS. That may be my issue on these last 2 recipes
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    ABV issue

    I am on a 20 gallon system and due to boil off and fermentation we aim of 25 gallons of wort in the boil kettle, which leaves us about between 22-23 gallons in the fermenter. Not sure what my begging amount will be for this recipe, but passed batches have about 18 gallons. Amt Name Type # %/IBU...
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    ABV issue

    So I brewed my third batch on my new system am running into a brick wall with my ABV. It is not that it is low, but always high. My last beer I was understanding of because it was a kolsch and I played with the temp in my ferment chamber when I shouldn't have. I have a Belgian Dubbel in my...