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    Difference between mine & commercial

    Not maintaining optimum temps all the time, but manage to stay within a couple degrees of recommended for the most part. Making a starter from single packs of liquid yeast 18-24 hours before pitching. My brews all run 1.060 or below, assumed one pack was sufficient. Although I don't...
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    Difference between mine & commercial

    Curious if anyone has a simple explanation regarding the differences I notice between my homebrewed beers and quality micro-brew versions of the same style. The most obvious style to me is a simple red ale. Have brewed both extract and BIAB partial mash recipes from a couple well known...
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    Two questions from a new guy

    Please bear with me as I try to get 2 for 1 assistance on my first thread. First question - dealing with an extract Wee Heavy. some details: Recipe OG - 1.083 My OG - 1.081 Recipe FG - 1.021 @ 75% Nottingham yeast, kept ~63-65 Day 19 - SG 1.030 Tasting thoughts: Sweet, malty...