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  1. cfonnes

    Is infected mead dangerous?

    I have read that the ph in beer keeps anything dangerous from growing. What about about mead?
  2. cfonnes

    Brood and pollen as nutrients?

    Just had a discussion with a fellow bee keeper who tells me that instead of nutrients he uses brood. He just breaks of a chunk of comb (pollen, brood, wax and all) throw it in the blender then uses that as nutrients. Anyone else tried this?
  3. cfonnes

    Nitro tap - worth it or not?

    Thanks for all of the replies. This is going to be my next beer investment.
  4. cfonnes

    Nitro tap - worth it or not?

    From past experience I am guessing that it is a good idea to buy the expensive tap?
  5. cfonnes

    Nitro tap - worth it or not?

    Thinking about converting one tap to nitro. For the people who have done it, was it worth it? Would you do it again?
  6. cfonnes

    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    1170 (personal 3) Making my first batch of mead while inebriated and trying to get back to normal time from covering graveyard. Glass, weight pellets and sticky must all over my new tile job.
  7. cfonnes

    Heat or no-heat?

    Caramelizing sounds interesting for a future batch. How hot do you get the honey?
  8. cfonnes

    Heat or no-heat?

    I happily collect 5 gallons of wildflower from my first year hive (leaving plenty for winter). I have read Ken Schramm, The Complete Meadmaker, and have decided to use his recipe for a medium sweet mead. Then next summer when my black raspberries are ripe I will add some to the secondary...
  9. cfonnes

    Peachy off-flavour

    I have gotten a fruity ester by under pitching 04. I suspect under pitching, which usually does not happen with dry yeast. Are you hydrating the yeast first? Maybe try two packets next time you brew.
  10. cfonnes

    Phrases that need to die a quick, excruciating death

    I smashed a finger nail 1 1/2 weeks ago. Most of it was falling off but about 1/8 inch was still connected on one side. Today I used some needle nose pliers to pull if off. That was quick and excruciating.
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    Phrases that need to die a quick, excruciating death

    "All I know is" If that is all that you know how the hell do you get out of bed in the morning?
  12. cfonnes

    Beers get off-flavors after kegging

    Carbonic acid?
  13. cfonnes

    Whats with the big beer frenzy?

    Nothing like sipping a good barley wine or ris while sitting if front of a fire on a cold winter evening.
  14. cfonnes

    Contamination in the fermenter. Boil it again?

    How much and how clean was the water that got into the beer? I have had a chiller leak before and the beer was fine. When I used to brew with extract I have used tap water to top off the partial boil without a problem.