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    Portable duda diesel chiller and Chugger pump setup... NICE!!!!

    I had an old Sam's Club dolly cart that I think put me out about $25. I had a new chugger centerline pump and a duda diesel 18" 30 plate chiller that I needed to mount somehow. Thinking that portability would be the name of the game I put this together. Some old poplar wood, some clamps and...
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    Will re-yeasting for carbonation HURT?

    Same here. No carb in a Belgian. Rehydrated champagne yeast and used a sanitized medicine dropper to put about 1ml yeast solution in each bottle. Recapped and waited a couple weeks in warmer area (70 F) and voila. Case solved... and drank!! :)
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    Hop Bitterness Troubles

    I don't get why when I follow the recipes and do the required hop additions that my beers taste more bitter than desired. Am I not supposed to do 60 minute additions? Maybe instead of 60 I should do the at 45 or 30 for bittering. I use pellet hops and muslin hop bags. Any thoughts?
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    Pbw vs. Oxyclean

    anybody use Oxy to soak clean beer lines for keezers? That's the only thing I've been using PBW for. PBW and Starsan. Otherwise everything else is Oxy and Iodophor. Much cheaper.
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    IPA with Cascade, Citra and... ?

    I agree. Haven't brewed with it yet but I have tried Widmer's Citra Blonde and it is giving me an idea to brew!
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    Show us your Kegerator

    Two things I forgot to mention: The collar is insulated with styrofoam board (1/2" i think). And the actual freezer lid is siliconed to the collar. Hinges from the freezer are attached to the collar in the back. Silicon lid does not move at all.. very sturdy method of affixing. The fan...
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    Show us your Kegerator

    Here is my Cubbie Keezer... It's needed on long hot summer days when my Cubbies tend to wilt and choke. It's a Sam's Club 7.2 cf GE freezer using an analog Johnson Controller to control temperature. The collar is made of 1x6 poplar with chalkboard paint to keep track of my brews. Stickers were...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    5 gallons Jamil's Evil Twin 5 gallons Patersbier Total: 16982
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    Keg / Carboy Washer (yes another) . . .

    and I forgot to mention the jet blaster carboy brass piece you can pick up at your LHBS. sry
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    Keg / Carboy Washer (yes another) . . .

    this thread has given me an idea to add ONE more contraption to the tower. In order to wash wine / beer bottles all you need are the right fittings to connect on one arm of the tower. By putting a pvc ball valve on the tower below the lid you should be able to secure flow to the top and rinse /...
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I'm in! Sounds like a great tool to use.
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    Copper manifold for 10 gal Rubbermaid cooler

    thanks for posting. Will be soldering next weekend on this. Just purchased two HD rubbermaid coolers and really liked the manifold design.
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    Collar or Tap Tower?

    Even with a collar the beer will pour warm if you don't use a computer fan to circulate the air. The cooling coils by themselves do not provide cooling to the upper part of the keezer. I mounted a fan in lid of the keezer and it runs continuously. This does cause the freezer to cycle on a little...
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    I am thinking of a good pale ale, not an IPA or a real hoppy Sierra Nevada type but more in the Bass Ale sort of way.
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    .....very tasty.