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    Wild Yeast Wrangling -- What do I Have?

    Yeah, that would be it. I'm interested in the brown/orange things. They don't look like any yeast I've seen, which is why I am wondering what it is. I've been looking around online for pics and I can't seem to find anything to identify it. I thought halophile archaea bacteria at first, but it...
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    Wild Yeast Wrangling -- What do I Have?

    I've been doing this for at least a month now, with little success. This time, I took a few extra precautions and used DME/agar mix. I looked at the sample this morning and I don't really see anything that looks like yeast (except for the little brown/reddish spots). Can anybody identify...
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    Starting my First Sample -- A Few Questions

    Just got both your messages (browser seems to be buggy or something). I'll keep this in mind in the future. I've posted an update to this thread of what I've got so far. Things seem to be going well so far, I just need to make some starters. We'll see what happens :)
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    Starting my First Sample -- A Few Questions (Update)

    The idea is to weed out any unwanted bacteria that might still be lurking in the colony and any brett -- also to influence flavor. Yes, might sound noobish, but from reading, it sounds like whatever is in the trub can influence how the yeast flavours the beer generationally. I could be...
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    Starting my First Sample -- A Few Questions (Update)

    Well, I poured my first agar plate a few days ago (with the help from a friend) and it turned out beautiful! A lot better than I expected. We are going to pour two more generations (the 2nd being almost ready now) and then I am going to order some DME and hops for a starter. I am also going to...
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    Starting my First Sample -- A Few Questions

    The idea is that I will have an initial "catcher jar" and let it grow until I get yeast. Then I will take the yeast from the jar and put it on an agar plate. I will keep doing this until I get just the yeast I want. Once I get it down to the yeast I want, then I will create a starter using DME...
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    Starting my First Sample -- A Few Questions

    Hello, this is my first time trying to capture wild yeast and I had a few questions... A bit of background to procedures first: I am using a mason jar (as suggested by the wiki) and practiced sanitation procedures (boiled the jar and everything to it). For nutrients and bactria control, I...
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    Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Cloyingly Sweet out of Primary

    Yeah, temperature sounds fine. Try pitching some champaign yeast in. Although, that does sound like weird behaviour for the type of strain you are using.
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Holy hell! that's the most amazing thing I have ever heard! I don't think I've ever gotten under 1.006! What was the F.G/ABV?
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    Much lower OG than expected

    Yes! Do 60 min for your mash. Also, keep a brewing schedule with you to not miss any steps and keep track of time to know where you are at.
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    Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Cloyingly Sweet out of Primary

    What is the temperature of the freezer? You don't want it to be too cold, otherwise it'll stall fermentation. For an ale, you want it to be close to room temperature. If temperature isn't the problem, then it is the yeast -- and for the type of yeast you are using, it shouldn't be a problem. Try...
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    Interesting brew session

    This is why it is always useful to have a step-by-step list of what to do and of your materials. I know how to do a run through of a straight brew (minus some of the details sometimes) but I *always* have a list next to me of the brew method I will be employing, in point form. And I re-read it...
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    Grain bill feed back

    What style of brew are you trying to make?
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    HELP Efficiency problems (Sadface)

    Yes, get a mill. However (again) look at the wiki to see what type of mill to get. Some can cause the grain to mill unevenly. Here is another link on crush evaluation
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    Scottish Ale technique for making Belgian Dark Strong Ale?

    I have no idea, but it sounds like a very interesting concept.