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  1. ceeg

    Dry vs. Liquid Yeast

    i just sampled the dunkel last night.....SUCCESS! i was a bit worried as my "lagering cave" is a bathroom with the window open and during the secondary there were a few 60+ degree days. tho i did have them in a tub of water and added ice on those days. so, no butteryness to the flavor. i'm real...
  2. ceeg

    Favorite Commercial Brews

    I'm always buying Dogfish 60 minute, Anchor Steam and Porter, Bluepoint Toasted Lager (in the summertime, a great bbq beer), Duvel, Troegs (just had some of the Scratch Saison = AWESOME!!) a local bodega has been getting various Two Bros. in! I'm also able to get growlers of various Sixpoint...
  3. ceeg

    Brewyear's Resolutions.

    1. better brew kettle 2. start all-grain operations 3. better fermentation temp control. (i.e. get a fridge with Love for the basement)
  4. ceeg

    Dry vs. Liquid Yeast

    New to the board, hello all. I have been using liquid yeasts for the past few years and loving the results. Tho I had been brewing mostly ales. Last week i brewed a Dunkel and a Bock and used Safale S-23 dry yeast. The first time using dry since my first brews. Hoping everything turns out TASTY!