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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I find very little return in going over about 1.2 oz/gal as far as dry hop.
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    Keto home brew

    Yep, use ultra-ferm to reduce carbs and clarity-ferm to gluten reduce. Then it fits the whole keto/paleo lifestyle.
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    NEIPA Brewing Procedures

    Thank you. Pretty in line with what I’ve been doing. Also thinking about the additions during dry hopping but that may be tricky
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    NEIPA Brewing Procedures

    Any idea what pre and post pH should be for pales and IPAs? What do you target?
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    Head Retention is good... but splotchy?

    I found this happening more after I started using brewtan B. Better retention but at times ‘splotchy’.
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    Make IPA Clear Again

    Someone just kill this thread with fire
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    Harvested "wild" yeast resulted into... normal beer

    Primary fermentation with wild yeast can come off as pretty clean initially. Of course, that will change over the course of time, from a few weeks to months depending on a number of factors
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    White dots?! on secondary?!

    That’s probably more due to lighting and the fact that you’re looking at 5+ gallons from above as opposed to a 12 oz glass
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    Breakfast ruminations... Buttered toast

    Yeah, fat washing with beer doesn’t sound like the best idea. Think vodka would be the most neutral?
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    Breakfast ruminations... Buttered toast

    Yes, fats like butter, various oils, bacon, etc., are used to ‘fat wash’ alcohols. The flavors are extracted from the fat and infused into the spirit. Emulsify, chill, skim/strain and voila flavors are left in the spirit. It’s not removing the fat from a food, it’s removing the flavors (soluble...
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    Breakfast ruminations... Buttered toast

    That’s sort of the reverse of fat washing, if I understand correctly. I’ve made butter washed bourbon before, and it’s awesome. But, the butter solids are not used; they are separated from the spirit which picks up flavor from the fat. So fat washed butter isn’t really a thing, it’s what does...
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    Grey colored malt = old?? First time problem, dumped mash due to total stuck runoff

    That kinda looks like rye malt. Anyone else think so? Would explain the stuck mash. Seriously thinking they sent you rye instead of the franco belge Vienna.
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    Galaxy Hops

    Yeah, there’s obviously a lot of people acting like turds out there this year
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    How much do I drink a day

    Absolutely right. DTs are a real possibility when withdrawing from this much alcohol.
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    How much do I drink a day

    The ability (or need, if that’s what it really is) to drink TEN 12-oz beers a night, every night, even if lower abv beers, is not a good sign. I am a physician and I hate to judge, but if you’re serious about that amount it is not at all healthy. Please seek help.