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    Back sweetening with Raspberry Concentrate

    Hello, Been awhile since I posted on here and wanted some advice before trying something new. I've been pretty happy over the last few years with my creations, but hey, let's experiment! Anyways, I generally ferment dry and then after letting settle in secondary, bottle and use priming sugar...
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    Help!!! Fermentation not starting

    OK - so I checked with a hydrometer. Minimal change, if any - from 1.060 to 1.058. So, it does not seem as if anything has started. In regards to the campden tablets, I added 5 crushed, just less than 1 per gallon (started with 5.75 gallons) 24 hours before pithcing yeast. Yeast was rehydrated...
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    Help!!! Fermentation not starting

    Ground and pressed two bushels of apples for about 5.5 gallons of juice on Saturday. Added campden tablets that night. 24 hours later (Sunday night) re-hydrated a packet of SO4 yeast and added it to the cider. Temp is around 62-64 degrees. 3 days later very little, if anything, has happened. If...
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    What next? Progression in cider homebrewing.

    Some great info - about to start a 5-6 gallon batch, but now I want to follow up with several smaller batches to experiment. 1Bottlerocket - have not seen the book you are referring to, but I actually built my own grinder and press which, in my limited experience with other presses, work well...
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    This year's plan - any feedback?

    Giving cider yet another go. Last year's was my best yet (no bombs and tasted fairly good) and hoping for an even better result this year, but always looking for suggestions. Like to keep things fairly simple and natural, so here's my plan... Going for a dry, tart cider, so I procured about 2...
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    Third times the charm... still could use some advice

    Hello, At this again and have had some great help in the past and hoping for a bit more to make this year's batch even better. Last year I used "New England" apples - Mac's, Cortlands, Macouns. etc. - all I could get my hands on. No one sold any good Cider apples around me. But gave it...
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    Flavoring cider to taste suggestions

    I have about 3.5 gallons of cider and a good, old 2 or so gallon carboy. I will try filling that and letting it age and then try the sweetener on the last gallon or so. Never hurts to experiment.
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    Flavoring cider to taste suggestions

    Hello, This was my second time making cider (I have made wine from kits numerous times). Unfortunately could not get my hands on any true cider apples and had to use generic apples from my local orchard (mainly macs). It was a tough year around here (New Hampshire) for apple growing from what...