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    Spring Giveaway!

    I'll go 269.
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    Potty Posting

    Later on I took a chance, Tried to fart and $hit my pants.
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    How long do your 5 gal batches last?

    My kegs seem to last between 1 month and almost a year. Something really big, really special I might only drink a few pints a month. Interesting to see how some beers change over that long of a time. Most lighter easier drinking beers may be a month or less depending on how many friends are...
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    How long do your 5 gal batches last?

    I keep a second co2 bottle and regulator in the beer storage area and pressure the kegs up as soon as they're filled so they are ready to go as soon as 1 blows. Plus if I have a party or something going on and want I can put one or two kegs on picnic taps to go with the 3 in the kegerator and...