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    Pitching Beer on Wine Lees and Oak cubes

    Just made a Saison that I'm going use these cubes on. I'll update this thread on the progress. I made the 'Shipwreck Saison' by Channel66, but substituted a saison yeast blend provided by Goodwood Brewing (thanks, Joel). The plan is to toss the wood cubes, which are current sitting in lees...
  2. Carter1932

    Pitching Beer on Wine Lees and Oak cubes

    I just finished bottling 6 gallons of Shiraz and have the wine lees and med. toast Hungarian oak cubes set aside to use in an upcoming brew. Having never done this before I was hoping to find some advise as to what beer styles might work best and any techniques I should consider. Right...
  3. Carter1932

    Weissbier Orange Honey Hefeweizen

    It's a matter of your taste so just be sure to add small incremental amounts until it suits your taste buds. I need to do this one again. I have some 'skeeter pee' that I'm considering mixing with a wheat, but not sure it'll be anywhere as good as the orange.
  4. Carter1932

    Weissbier Orange Honey Hefeweizen

    You should be just fine with 5 weeks head start, and yes its best enjoyed young. Make sure you start soaking your orange zest now too as it will also take awhile to extract the volatile oils.
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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    +10 gallons of Cream Ale = 23,622
  6. Carter1932

    Weissbier Orange Honey Hefeweizen

    A small amount of vodka isn't going to change the flavor of 5 gallons of beer. However, I personally recommend grain alcohol; mine had no flavor at all other than the orange.
  7. Carter1932

    Anyway to fix a overly sweet beer?

    There were many good suggestions in this thread, but I ended up pitching it out. Wasn't worth the hassle, and was just easier to replace it with good stuff.
  8. Carter1932

    Clone Brews book- Celebrator Doppelbock recipe

    Umm good!! It came out with a very complex flavor profile. A bit chocolatey, not bitter, smooth, rich, quite tasty. I mentioned hot alcohol taste when it was young, that flavor disappeared after about 4 months of lagering. I've not had opportunity to compared to the original yet. I...
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    How close is your (L)HBS

    Half mile. :^)
  10. Carter1932

    Pre-cook oats for american brown ale?

    No need to mill. Oats have no hull to crack; the starch in oats is already easily accessible.
  11. Carter1932

    Canning Wort for Starters

    IMO, yes. I might not use wheat unless it's a wheat beer, otherwise sny mix of base to make 1.040 wort is fine. A starter is too small to affect outcome of the beer, unless it's infected.
  12. Carter1932

    Canning Wort for Starters

    Any base malt will work just fine.
  13. Carter1932

    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    9 gallons of Belgium Tripel = 21,869
  14. Carter1932

    I'm switching to Better Bottles GRAPHIC

    Actually the metal handles make me nervous. They are ok for moving an empty carboy, but no way I'd trust it to support a full carboy. The brewhaulers are made of tough nylon, similar to that used for cargo straps. The only weak point IMO is the plastic buckle, but after several years of use...
  15. Carter1932

    Adding orange slice to ferment

    Just finished making a Orange Blossom Hefeweizen. My technique, described in this thread, was to make the base beer and while it was fermenting I zested 6 organic Valencia oranges and added it to 1 cup of Everclear for 2 weeks. I ended up adding only about 1/4 C. of the orange extract to...