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    My first Bottle Bomb: What went wrong?

    I would open another bottle ASAP. Cool it down first, and see what happens when you pop the top. If it is a gusher, you probably have a bad batch. If it is okay, then you had a single bottle infection. If it is the whole batch get them into a refrigerator to stop them from blowing up more...
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    Wort temp

    It'll be fine as long as your sanitation game is on point. It also might not take 24 hours to get cool. I'd check it again before you went to sleep, and if it is below 75, you should be fine. Ester production is pretty minimal in the first day, so it won't really hurt it.
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    Girly Beer

    Who the **** taught you about beer? Guinness may be a less than 5% alcohol beer, but it is definitely a stout. Look up "dry stout", please. Your ignorance is insulting. This thread may be the nail in the coffin for me on this board. The ignorance, the sexism, the bull**** that people spew...
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    2011 San Diego NHC

    Bylaws are important!
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    Who has the most taps

    This is about as useful as comparing bars who have the most taps. Sure, the Yard House might win, but they still ****ing suck.
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    Ergonomic glasses

    It is. These glasses are not a very good idea.
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    Tonight's bar score

    It isn't. Those things cost 30 or so bucks, so not everyone gives them away.
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    size of a copper still or serving tank in room question

    I don't think the admins here let people talk about stills. You should search for a distilling forum.
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    Old Stock Ale

    Have you had the BA Old Stock Ale? Ridiculous. Edit: the bourbon is better than the brandy, and about 4-5 years of age on it is perfect.
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    Another reason why some "beer snobs" are idiots.

    I agree that most of the people on BA are idiots, but is this place REALLY any better? This place is the anti-intellectual counterpoint to the other beer sites on the web. If BA is the sport of polo, this place is NASCAR.
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    Could be. Pedio makes a similar pellicle. Sometimes it is hard to tell.
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    50 Best Beers

    These lists are pretty ****ing stupid. First, equating Zymurgy readers to beer snobs is hilarious. Second, people who haven't ever had a sip of Pliny still vote it to the top because of its mythical status. Third, this list could be 50 different beers, still have an enormous amount of quality...
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    So disappointed in my beer tasting

    Come to my house. I have all those things. :)
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    F'n leaky co2 line is ruining my weekend!

    There are a few liquor stores here that refill co2 as well. Look for a place that sells kegs and ask them.
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    One week - Wort to Keg?

    See if the new White Labs WLP090 is available to you today. Supposed to ferment in 3-4 days. If not, you could do something like an English mild, use something like US-05, ferment around 70. It might be done in time. It also might not be the best beer ever, but you never know.