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    Festa Brew- is this normal

    Sounds like the water may have been too warm. The Festa Brew cream ale comes with Safale US-56 The Oatmeal stout comes with Safbrew S-33 When I made these kits I always purchased new yeast from a fridge and threw the one in the box away. From experience I can say the Festa Brew cream ale is...
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    Festa Brew- is this normal

    Can you explain what you are seeing when you say nothing is happening ? If you are referring to no airlock activity? That is common with plastic pails even when you have a good fermentation going. You should see some foaming action (krausen) on the top after two days and more after 3 - 4. You...
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    Festa Brew- is this normal

    Hi, I might be able to help. I have made many festa brews in my day. This is not normal after two days you should have a good fermentation going that will last 4 -7 days. But first a few questions: What are you using for a primary ? is it a bucket ? and what do you mean by nothing is happening...
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    Fermenting slowly since start

    Are you fermenting in a 5g bucket ?
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    High fermentation temperature?

    When you say it's fermenting at 74 degrees do you mean the temperature of the closet ? Or are you using a stick on thermometer on the side of your fermenter ?
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    Keg Will Not Dispense

    Is it possible that your beer line is frozen ? I had this happen once. I have a home made kegerator and the beer line was up against the freezer plate and froze.
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    Ferment question

    If it looks like a lava lamp there is no way it stalled. Just let it do it's thing.... you will be rewared shortly
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    Is it negative to have PRV on co2 regulator?

    I agree, That was what I was refering to. The CO2 line, however If you are force carbing at 30psi even if the beer is below the CO2 in tube you can get some beer back in the line without a check valve. I get beer out the PVR on the keg sometimes and I never fill above the CO2 dip tube. It's only...
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    Is it negative to have PRV on co2 regulator?

    I can't say that I have ever seen one before. I am guessing that it's for the kegs that don't have a PVR on them. I would be worried about getting beer in the CO2 line if you released that valve on a full keg.
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    Ferment question

    I know it's difficult but the longer you can wait the better. Even after the fermentation is done your beer still needs some time in the fermenter. I don't even look at my fermenters until 21 days has passed. If you can let it sit for a bit it will make a better beer in my opinion.
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    The classic 'is this an infection?' question

    how long has it been fermenting in that picture ? Did you have lots of star san foam in the fermenter ? I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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    Newbie question

    Ok You did not just make your wife taste it first incase it was infected did you ? :ban: Glad it worked out for you.....
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    Booze on a cruise

    I am LMAO at this option I found. I watched the video on thier site.... I can't get it out of my head... :eek: How do you unwatch something ?
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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    I voted non. Although there are lots of Engineers around me at work. I would say I have probably had at least 12 Engineers work for me, so I know how you guys think…. lol