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  1. buzzerj

    Better than Apfelwein...

    This thread must be kick started. We just tried a Blackberry/lime cider made by Blue Mountain Cidery (about 6.3% ABV) in Oregon. It was very good. It would be good to try to reproduce it with Airtight's method with the 3068 yeast with nutrient. For a 6 gallon batch maybe try 1-1.5 gallons of...
  2. buzzerj

    Best first book for mead making?

    Don't forget "The Compleat Meadmaker" by Ken Schramm. It's an excellent book. Also I would reference Bray Denard's thread on Bray's One Month Mead here on Homebrewtalk and Bray's website Denardbrewing.com.
  3. buzzerj

    Hydrometer reading confusion

    To calculate the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) you need to take a hydrometer reading (specific gravity) of the original must and the finishing gravity of the final mead before stabilizing the mead and adding any sugars if you want to backsweeten the mead. You use the difference between the original...
  4. buzzerj

    Better than Apfelwein...

    Would like to try a 5 gallon batch of this with 3068. Looks like fun. We have been doing batches with Vintners Harvest CY17 yeast. Going to keg a 6 gallon batch we started 8 months ago.
  5. buzzerj

    Avocado Honey for a BOMM

    It worked out great! The avocado honey isn't as sweet as an Orange Blossom is so you need about 3 lbs. honey per gallon but the final result was worth it. Try it yourself.
  6. buzzerj

    Pineapple Wine

    Do you have any special concerns about acid content when you ferment a pineapple wine? My go to yeast would be a Cote de Blanc.
  7. buzzerj

    Pomegranate F*%k

    Problem is once the bread yeast craps out you still have residual sugar so the batch ends up really sweet (thats those 20 extra points you were worried about, the 1.150 versus 1.130 SG). And don't add more water, if you do want to "dilute it" use a dry pomegranate melomel (see my second...
  8. buzzerj

    Pomegranate F*%k

    Loveofrose is correct again, your bread yeast will stall and leave this sugar concoction of yours very very sweet. Please follow his advice and use a stronger yeast.
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    S-33 in a Rye

    I used S-33 in an English Ale I did one time and it had the neatest cap formation during the ferment. It looked like brain matter. It was really incredible. The ale came out well. I didn't have rye in the grain bill.
  10. buzzerj

    Turkey Day Giveaway from Inkbird

    Oh let me partake! Thanks to humanity!
  11. buzzerj

    Mango Pulp Wine

    Way to go HB! Now you need to author a new thread on date wines and rename yourself the Bahrain Kid! Your wife can be the Manama Mama!
  12. buzzerj

    Racking BOOM onto fruit

    It worked well when I racked my orange blossom mead to the secondary onto 24 oz of raspberries per gallon in sanitized muslin for a week. Excellent result.
  13. buzzerj

    Meads need less SO2?

    Yes your racking should be a smooth flow with minimal introduction of oxygen. Albeit the carboy you rack into is full of air. If you are really anal, guys partially fill the carboy with CO2 which is heavier than air before racking. But yeah you should be fine with adding a Campden tablet...
  14. buzzerj

    Meads need less SO2?

    Hey Santa Clara! San Jose here. Lets make some mead together. Potassium metabisulfite is really a matter of taste first of all. Some object to the taste of sulfite wines/meads and they leave it out. They get away with that primarily if they like dry wines and don't sweeten at all prior to...