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    How do you CLEAN your glass carboys?

    By far the easiest way I've found to clean bottles is by putting them in my dishwasher. 2 hours before I want to bottle I put 50 bottles face down in my dishwasher with NO DETERGENT (nothing). Then it just runs with hot water for 60-75 minutes. I don't open the door until I'm ready to bottle. In...
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    Belgian Beer Fest in Boston

    Hey, is anyone going to this beer fest on Sept. 27? Should be fun, I'm going to session 2. Belgian Beer Fest - Beer Advocate Fests
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    Love The (Edwort's) Apfelwein

    Thanks Nurmey and BigKahuna! I like it in the green bottles. Looks excellent.
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    Love The (Edwort's) Apfelwein

    Does anyone have a picture of Apfelwein poured in a glass. I have seen tons of pictures and videos of it fermenting, but not a single one of the finished product. I'm gonna have to wait another 2 months to see for myself...
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    All-Grain Tutorial/Nut Brown Ale

    Does your pvc manifold work well? What temperatures will it hold up to?
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    Why I am poor

    Holy f*#!. This beer has 1068 calories per pint!
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    How long should I wait on a pale ale?

    Yea, I know it changes. I tried the red ale I have ready now 1 week after it had been bottled. It was hardly carbonated and was extremely dark. I just had one last night and it's great. It's well carbonated with a nice head, and has lightened up considerably. I know I should wait and I should be...
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    How long should I wait on a pale ale?

    Alright, I guess two quick responses telling me to wait is evidence enough that I really should wait. I guess I should just brew more frequently to pass the time! Thanks mmb and Big10Seaner.
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    How long should I wait on a pale ale?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to brewing so sorry about the ridiculous question. I brewed a Three Floyd's Alpha King Pale Ale clone 10 days ago, and racked to the secondary last night. I was planning on keeping it in the secondary for two weeks before bottling. Then I was gonna add 3/4 cup of corn...