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    Recommendations for 2.5 Gal Kegerator

    I bought this fridge off amazon and have 2x2.5Gallon kegs and my CO2 tank in there with the only mods being taking the middle shelves out. I haven't "built" it yet, just did a test fitting to see if I had to trim the door. Since the 2.5 G kegs are shorter it all fits. The kegs go in the back and...
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    American Pale Ale Coldwater 420 - Special Pale Ale

    So I made a PM/extract version of this totally off the wall. But it tastes JUST like 420. Here it is 5lbs Pils DME 10oz Munich 6oz Crystal 20l 8oz Carapils 60 minute boil 1oz magnum 20 minutes left 1oz cascade 10minutes left 1oz cascade Yeast wyeast 1028 london ale Let it sit in the...
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    Georgia roll call

    Holy crap! It does sound like we need a W. GA club!
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    Need a corny filled

    Nobody wants to loan me some brew? I can "donate" to their particular "cause". I just can't get it filled at a brew pub or taproom. More than willing to "donate" a good amount. :p
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    Help, I have a problem, need some beer...

    It's illegal. Welcome to Georgia lol Let me reiterate. I am more than willing to pay for someone to fill my keg, but a brewpub/tap room cannot do it. So it has to be a person. Or someone who knows someone at a brewpub/taproom. Oooooor I can trade a ball lock corny keg from someone for cash...
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    Help, I have a problem, need some beer...

    It's a legality thing here. I have no problem paying for it, ya just can't legally do it. Someone can "give" it to me and I can just "donate" to them lol
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    Need a corny filled

    Noooooo, I need to fill a keg LOL Or "rent" someones full keg lol
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    What are you drinking now?

    Sweetwater 420 clone. Dayum it's good :D
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    Need a corny filled

    I need some beer for my b-day party. The Blonde Ale I made is exhibiting weird surface bubbles and won't be ready. Anyone in the ATL area feel like filling my keg with the beer of choice for a "donation" to their beer/steak fund?
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    Help, I have a problem, need some beer...

    I need a corny keg filled or a corny keg already filled with some lager or blonde ale by this weekend. Is there anywhere/anyone that can do that?
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    Georgia roll call

    I could probably throw a rock and hit your garage! :rockin:
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    How long will your beer last in a corny keg?

    And if it's a corny, you can re-hop an IPA, right?
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    So who is the best vendor now days?

    +1 for BWM being my LHBS. I like Hop City, too, but no online stuff there. :rockin:
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    2 Tap Keezer - $225 OBO (Atlanta Area)

    Thanks again!
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    What kind of music do you listen to while brewing

    Heart, Rush, The DOC, NWA, Techmaster PEB, Yes, and some Genesis.