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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    Yes, it's .25 ounces. It's a tasty beer. Edit, I didn't see that this had already been answered.
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I used WLP001 California Ale yeast and fermented around 65 degrees. It's a very clean yeast and turned out great. Here's another picture in addition to the one I posted earlier in this thread. Just over 3 weeks in the bottle and check out the lacing on the glass!
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I brewed this about 5 1/2 weeks ago. Fermented for 3 weeks, 2 plus weeks in the bottle now and it's very good, I tweaked it a bit to suit my tastes but a very nice beer. I used wlp001 instead of the hefe yeast and love the clean lime taste. I read a lot here but don't post often but wanted to...
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    Forgot to check OG after boil

    The formula is pre boil volume * by gravity points divided by post boil volume. Using your volume estimates and pre boil gravity it would look like this (6.5 * 44) = 286 / 5 = 57.2 or 1.0572. The results will only be as close as your volume estimates are but it'll give you a ballpark number.
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    I use amylase enzyme when I make a light beer, I rack on top of 1 tsp in the secondary. These light beers regularly finish at, or very close to, 1.00. I can't take credit, I found it here in the recipe section under Light Hybrid Beer. Look for a recipe called Miller Lite(Really Triple Hopped)...
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    Extract Whit thoughts

    Sounds great. Enjoy it!
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    Extract Whit thoughts

    Good, it should end up a little lighter, probably not that much but a little anyway. I've never used the Wyeast #3463, have you tried it before? I've always used White Labs 400, just because that's what my local store carries.
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    Extract Whit thoughts

    A 20 minute boil for this would be fine, I did the same when I was doing all extract and it worked well. Wit biers are one of my favorite styles. Add your spice/orange additions the last 5 minutes of the boil. Good luck!
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    Adding ice to cool the wort down?

    I use 3 20ounce bottles that I've frozen, I soak them in a large bowl of starsan with a lid for a couple of minutes. I'll pull the bottles out and place on a sanitized surface and let them drain for a few minutes, transfer the starsan out of the bowl and put the bottles back in the bowl. Cover...
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    Did I just have a perfect brew day?!?!

    Great, glad to hear you had a good brew day. There's nothing quite like the feeling of nailing your numbers. I do a low gravity beer about every other brew and my efficiency is generally very good with smaller grain bills. Most of mine finish low, 1.004 or 5 and are very quaffable. Congrats!