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  1. brucepepper

    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    I'm not sure I follow. What water to cool it down?
  2. brucepepper

    Only Alkalinity

    Thanks for your replies. Your advice makes sense, unfortunately it requires me to be patient! Not one of my strengths. I'll look into getting a real water report.
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    Only Alkalinity

    I've been trying to find out the details of my City's water, and have finally decided to give up. When I finally spoke with someone, they said that they "don't test for that stuff" (calcium, mag, sodium, chlor. etc.). All he could tell me was the Alkalinity - 233mg/liter. Is it possible for...
  4. brucepepper

    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    Joined the party and brewed this today. Sugar didn't harden but I used it anyway. Pitched on a yeast cake and it took off perfectly. Might cask this one, we'll see.
  5. brucepepper

    Which online calculator is closest to reality for IBU?

    I have found the same thing as you and had a series of beers that were underbittered because of it. For the past year or so I have started calculating them myself using the formulas from Ray Daniel's book. It's a bit complicated and takes some time but my bittering is now consistant. Even if...
  6. brucepepper

    IPA help

    Sorry for the lack of info. FG in the low teens 1.011-14. US -05 I usually mash at 149 but sometimes creep up to 152.
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    IPA help

    I've made many IPA's but lately they've been "sweeter" than I care for. I really want to let the hops shine on this one but don't want it to become so thin that it's only hop tea. Just wondering if the 60min. clone recipe is a good malt bill for that. 12-13lbs 2row 6oz. amber malt or...
  8. brucepepper

    Dry Hop Am.IIPA w/Brit.Hops?

    I have a IIPA in the primary and, in a week or so, I'd like to dry hop it. I've used Chinook and Amarillo for the flavour and aroma additions and, ideally, would like to use the same for dry hopping... but.... I'm out of those hops and only have aroma hops that are British. I may just order...
  9. brucepepper

    AG VS Extract

    I enjoyed making extract beer in the beginning and was very proud of it, but I definitely feel that AG is significantly better. My advice is to start with extract, then move to extract with steeping grains and then go to AG. I felt like doing a partial mash was a bit of a waste of time. It...
  10. brucepepper

    Brewing with kids?

    I have a two and a half year old and he loves to help measure the grain and hops, and stir the grain in the mash tun. He especially likes putting the grain in the hopper while I crush it. He also likes to put the cpvc manifold together for me. When the propane burner comes out, he goes inside...
  11. brucepepper

    Understanding my "hoppy" friends

    I agree with you completely. Sometimes more is just more. A similar pet peeve that I have is when people rate beers that are in different categories and always rate the more aggressive style as "better". Obviously you can't compare a IIPA to a PA for the level of flavours, but it is quite...
  12. brucepepper

    Ó Flannagáin Standard Sour

    I think I'm going to try this recipe this weekend. I don't have any flaked barley but I'm gonna go for it anyway. Would Quaker flaked oats be a possible replacement for the flaked barley? Thanks for any advice you may have.
  13. brucepepper

    Mash temp low, suggestions anyone??

    You'll beer will be fine, and besides there's nothing you can do now anyway! Chances are you'll have a fairly low FG but that's not neccessarily a bad thing. What type of 2 row did you use?
  14. brucepepper

    WTF?? Why do my beers have this taste?

    I had a solvent type of issue with a beer recently. I didn't have any more airlocks or drilled bungs left so I had to cover the pail with foil and the lid. At the time we were having a fruit fly issue in our house but I had heard of others doing an open fermentation successfully. Anyway I...
  15. brucepepper

    Mash temp low, suggestions anyone??

    I've mashed low by accident before and the beer turned out just fine. That's really not that low depending on the style you're brewing and what you are going for. I'm sure this is too late to help but what are you brewing?