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    Atlanta Area Group Buy

    I'd like to get in on the group buy for grains. I need about 8 bags. My email is [email protected] I also would be interested in buying a couple pounds of hops. Thanks, Doug
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    should i pitch my ris onto a blonde yeast cake?

    Winner. If you are worried about over pitching or using a "dirty" fermentor, you could always fill a quart jar with the slurry, clean the fermentor, and pitch.
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    Add fruit to primary or rack beer on top of fruit in secondary

    So you would add the fruit to the primary fermentor when fermentation was done? The only difference would be the dormant yeast on the bottom of the primary fermentor. I can't see the dormant yeast impacting the flavor.
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    Add fruit to primary or rack beer on top of fruit in secondary

    How is a secondary different from the primary if the beers have fermented to the same spot?
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    Experiment returned confusing results

    I just wanted to add that 1.5 quarts per pound of grain is fine.
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    Smoked Scotch stuck at 1.030

    Personnally, I don't worry about that until maybe 3 months. I'm in the crowd that thinks my beers taste a little better if they spend some quality time on top of the yeast cake. note: I've only had a few beers that I left on the cake for 3 months, and they all turned out fine. That is why I...
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    Smoked Scotch stuck at 1.030

    I agree that you probably just need to leave it alone, but if you really want to get those last few points out I would rack it onto an active yeast cake. It's kind of like repitching, but without the whole starter process.
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    Efficiency up 6%

    You might want to try a thinner mash. Something around 2 qts per pound will make it easier to stir.
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    Using a pasta maker to mill grain.

    I have over 300 lbs through my pasta mill. It has been great, but it is starting to fall apart. I figure I'll get another one from Michael's, rough up the rollers, and start crushing. $15 and 1 hour building it seems like a good deal for another 300 lbs of crushing. btw, She hasn't crapped...
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    Partial Mash in Oven Question

    I preheat the oven to 200. Turn off oven. Slide the pot in with a lid on top. Close door. Come back in 1 hour. I have left a thermometer in the mash to check and the temp never moves more than a degree in either direction. Why 200? My oven has "warm" and then 200, and I don't...
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    Just how bad is LME?

    I've bought LME in 8 lb. increments and stored them in my fridge for up to 6 months. I never have noticed anything wrong with the beers that were brewed with the older extract.
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    How much yeast to pitch?

    Just pitch both of them. It'll taste great! edit: I should add... You could probably get away with one pack, but with a stout and other stronger ales you are better off not skimping. If you were doing a mild (1.035ish OG)one pack would be fine.
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    Thanks for the great right up FlyGuy!
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    Using a pasta maker to mill grain.

    I'm getting in the low 80's with a fairly fine crush and batch sparging one time.