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    Quick Bottle Phizz

    funny you ask about a phizz....not really sure but more like a foam when you put the hops into the boil and the hops will foam a little..... good question
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    WHen i sanitized all of my bottles with my star san, there is still some foam in the bottles, is it ok to bottle? Is foam really my friend or can it produce off flavors??? Thanks,
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    Quick Bottle Phizz

    I just bottled a boston ale yesterday. When i poured in the bottling sugar, the beer foamed up real quick and as i stirred it in gently, it dissolved. Did i lose all of the carbonation??? I really hope not since it was my buddies brew. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    6.5 Gallon Carboy

    I have a 6.5 gallon carboy that i use for wine. I just put in a summer time ale with a zesty lemon flavoring in the fermentor now. Is it possible to secondary into my glass carboy being bigger? i understand that headspace in a larger secondary is no good? Thanks for the help. The brew is...
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    Clarifying Agents

    Anyone know of some household clarifiers to clear a beer brew? Thanks
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    Bad yeast?

    I just finished doing a rockfish ale on saturday and used wyeast british yeast strain. It is a slap pack activator. I slapped the pack how i normally activate all yeast, the bag never expanded like it normally does. when i shake the bag, i could hear a phizzing sound like there may have been...
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    Any Ideas for Spring

    i like all beers. i am just trying all kinds of different stuff to brew. i have done a pale ale, a rockfish ale and an esb....was thinking about maybe a fruit beer? Wheat beer? or pilsner something light to drink for spring time.
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    Any Ideas for Spring

    Hey all, Anyone have a good idea for a spring beer whether you have a recipe or just a general idea of what kind of beer i should make for the spring time that would be great. Thanks, I just finished my ESB with a little dry hoping and it is now drinkable and came out phenominal. Now i...
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    Clarifying Beer

    I finished my esb and wanted to put it in a secondary with some finings to clear the beer up, but decided to bottle it since all i have is a 6.5 gallon glass carboy. I need a smaller one right for a five gallon batch??? what do you guys think....since i am sure it wont work in the bigger carboy.
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    Dry Hops

    I have an ESB in the fermentor now and its been there for 5 days. Just checked the SG and it dropped 75 % so I am close for bottling. I just dry hopped for the first time. How long should the hops sit in there before I bottle? Any help out there guys would be great. Thanks,
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    Airlock Leak??

    I put my ESB in fermentation about two days ago, i know not to worry since fermentation takes time to begin. When i put my head down by the airlock where the gromet is, i smell the batch, but nothing out of the airlock. I know I probably should not be worried, but just hope no bad stuff is...