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    does this mean broken hydrometer?

    MalFet's right Get a larger tube/ jar from lhbs I always give it a spin before taking a reading to make sure it's off the edge and has no air bubbles on it
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    When to retire old equipment?

    Update: I've had better luck with carboys than buckets. I've been replacing tubing about annually (as soon as it's stained or has any residual odor). Using PBW and Star San together has increased the life of my equipment, gotten rid of odors and stains, and helped me make cleaner beers. Hanging...
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    Newer brewer looking for advice about “burnt plastic” taste – chlorine/chlorophenols?

    I've had the same problem. The answer is OXYGEN Make sure you add your priming sugar gently, and transferring your beer to your spigot bucket gently, without splashing, (down the side of the spigot bucket). I barked up the chlorophenol tree also; but trust someone who interns at a brewery and...
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    Apfelwein with ale yeast and an open-fermenter

    HAHAHAHA yes, a bucket with lid and airlock; and yes, a blanket of CO2 to prevent oxidation and off flavors (i was worried about 1-month ferment time) thanks for the thread link, buffalo, but the reason i asked about liquid ale yeast is because that thread has about 1000 pages, 90% of which...
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    Apfelwein with ale yeast and an open-fermenter

    I've never made EdWort's Apfelwein before (just lots o beer), could I: 1. use liquid ale yeast? or would that prevent it from fully fermenting? (does anyone know the final gravity or abv?) 2. use a bucket instead of a carboy? would there be enough CO2 during fermentation for this to work...
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    Hop Oils to finished beer?

    hop oils are typically used by commercial breweries as a convenient and cheap bittering source.
  7. B review / immersion chiller project

    Search a homebrew store site (like for "hose" and you can find a male hose barb to fit tubing for about $3. They also have adapters for hose-to-kitchen sink. I'm going to build my IC out of 3/8" copper and vinyl tubing tomorrow; we'll see...
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    What is the best wort chiller for my intended setup?

    Bobby, that's bleedin brilliant. I'm planning on buying copper tubing and using vinyl tubing fitted to it's ends and attached with a hose barb. Not nearly as fancy, but should do the trick for about $40 (instead of $60+ pre-made)
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    Temp control during Summer

    Hi there; An alternative to BUYING a fridge is a method like this (which would work great in a cool, dank basement): Wrap your carboy in an old, wet T-shirt, place in a shallow tub with water. Place a fan blowing next to the carboy. As the water get soaked up by the T-shirt and evaporated by...
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    Broke racking cane? :(

    All this is sound advice; I broke my racking cane 3 years ago but have continued to use it: just a little electricians tape to seal the tubing to the end.
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    white floaties?

    I've had lots of trouble with Band-Aid flavor and some problems with floaters. The floaters are almost always aesthetic, pour your beer into a glass and no one will be the wiser (just don't show them an unopened bottle!) The Band-Aid flavor could be a different thing altogether. ... keep...
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    Lager yeast at Ale temps - what should I ecpect?

    I was in your shoes about 2 years ago. The beer turned out fine. I brewed a double batch, split it into 2 fermenters, pitched generic dry ale yeast in one and dry lager (by the same manufacturer) in another. The ale tasted like ale and the "steam" beer tasted, well, disappointingly just fine...
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    When to retire old equipment?

    Thank you Muncher and Tex, I'm going to give everything a long soak in oxyclean and bleach and order some new tubing (why not) and change my auto-siphon (it has stress cracks).
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    I just had a "hemp brew" in amsterdam. I was really excited, hops and weed being related and all.. The beer smelled nice (and kind), but tasted rather flat (like a bland lager), and definately DIDN't get me high. I suspect "dry hemping", but I wonder what boiling would do... (probably make...