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    A couple of new brewer questions

    Well, I was going to do that but the instructions said that adding more water would affect my gravity readings/throw things off. So, it is ok then to add a smidge more water? Thanks for all of your and everyone else's help.
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    A couple of new brewer questions

    I've made several brews with my Mr. Beer, but recently just started brewing with the Brewer's Best kits. I read where I should get 48-53 bottles out of a batch. However, I finished out with 35, 12 ozs and 3, 22 ozs...so probably the equivalent of 40, 12's. I did a secondary rack, is that what...
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    Ferment Q for Imperial Blonde

    Thank you for your response!
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    Bottling question/ sugar

    Mr Beer suggests bottling that way, but I found some of the bottles would be over carbed or under...sometimes I think I was putting "heaping" measurements, sometimes level and sometimes just under. I used the carb tabs on my last batch of Mr. Beer, but when I bottle my first batch of Brewer's...
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    Ferment Q for Imperial Blonde

    Ironically, this is going to be my second brew also. I see a lot of guys saying, with Ales anyway, to NOT do a secondary, but to leave it set for 2-3 weeks. Why is this with an Ale? And should it be 2 or 3 weeks? Also, I have just completed my primary rack and begun my secondary rack on my...