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    Got a big manly pump today

    What are the voltage requirements (120v,etc)? I believe that most centrifugal pumps are designed to allow for some throttling of the output via a valve, the issue is the increased temp and pressure can result in "damage" to the liquid. You probably wouldn't want to deadhead the pump but it...
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    Silicone tubing supply? Shipping may ruin this deal.
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    Silicone tubing supply?

    I did talk to Nick yesterday (sadly he oversold the hose and some of my order was cut). He is going to put up some new hosing soon ( It is 1/2 ID 1 OD. So this is thicker stuff, pretty sure the burst pressure is 20psi vs...
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    Silicone tubing supply?

    I traded emails with Nick today about doing a local pickup. He said that he has another 200 that he will post shortly. He wondered where the hell all the orders were coming from.
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    Silicone tubing supply?

    Ill add that if you are in the Chicagoland area you can do a pickup of the stuff and save the shipping. Yesterday I bought the first 5 and now he has sold 160+. Perhaps I should get some sort of commission <jk>.
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    Silicone tubing supply?

    This is unverified , but as I understand it, platinum cured is typically used in the medical or pharma industries. Basically industries that require higher purity standards. There is more information on their line of Platinum cured silicone here...
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    Silicone tubing supply?

    Ill be honest. I thought the thread was still alive and that it was 2010.
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    Silicone tubing supply?

    Im just going to put this out there: ST. GOBAIN Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing; 50'; .5x.75" - 9.99 + 15 shipping Amazing Deal.
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    NanoBrewery build

    I wholly agree on the zoning front in Chicagoland, but I think you have signals crossed with Two Brothers. Initially they couldn't get distribution that they liked so they started their own distributor (Windy City). One brother owns the brewery and the other the distributor. They operate...