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    Beer wars on Netflix

    Moonshot seemed more like a "gimmick" than a craft beer. Reviews from and were quite low and highly critical of this beer.
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    Cranberry Apfelwein from Concentrate

    Update II Cracked open a bottle tonight (fairly premature, I know, but other stocks are dwindling and I'm a desperate man!). Nicely carbonated, but still has a ways to go. Not much cranberry flavour, but there is a hint of tartness that I don't get with a "normal" Apfelwein.
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    Cranberry Apfelwein from Concentrate

    Update (bottled tonight): For the first few days of fermentation, the color was a beautiful, brillant red, as if someone had cut into a living ruby and exposed its majesty for all to see. Over time, the color faded until what was left resembled a tincture of dilute iodine tainted with blood...
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    Cranberry Apfelwein from Concentrate

    I decided to try a Christmasy variation on the legendary Apfelwein: Ingredients: - 17 cans frozen apple juice concentrate (341 ml per can) - 1 package fresh cranberries (340 g) - 1 kg dextrose - 2 packets Lalvin EC-1118 champagne yeast Process: - Allow apple juice concentrate to thaw at room...
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    Dual Use for Turkey Fryer?

    I have a turkey fryer which works quite well for all grain batches. As Thanksgiving is coming up, I had the bizarre idea that I would use the turkey fryer for -- get this -- frying a turkey. Does anyone know if this is this a "safe" thing to do? If I ensure that the fryer is fully cleaned...
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    Am I normal as a noob? 50 Gals brewed in 3 months

    50 gallons in 3 months seems incredibly low. I'd advise you to step up production, post-haste.
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    Quick Blueberry/Pomegranate sparkling mead

    I've now made this and gone through about 1/3 of it. I must say that I'm very impressed. The pressure in the bottles is quite high (I had a 2 foot gush when I opened a litre bottle at room temperature). It tastes quite good (dangerously so!). The only thing I did differently was use...
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    Quick Blueberry/Pomegranate sparkling mead

    I have a stupid question: is the addition of the K-meta/sorbate during the secondary fermentation required only if you want still mead? Or should you add it for sparkling mead as well?
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    Do I need to be concerned about light if using plastic primary?

    I use a white, food grade plastic bucket for my primary with either an airlock or a blowoff tube. Do I need to be concerned about light skunking my beer? (I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", just need confirmation).
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    Can spoiled beer unspoil itself?

    Last October I brewed a standard brown ale. I must have done something wrong, because when I went to drink it, it was essentially vinegar (it was undrinkable). I asked my local homebrew guy about it, and he said it was likely a bacteria infection, and that the beer likely could not be saved. I...
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    What a difference one week made...

    My greatest homebrewing challenge is lack of patience. I brewed an alt a little while ago. After two weeks, it was pretty good. After 6 weeks (with two bottles left) it was spectacular.
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    Green Bottles for First Brew?

    Try to avoid thin glass. I've actually pulled the necks off a couple of bottles using a hand capper.
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    How soon can you use re-pitched yeast?

    Should I clean the primary in any way, or just pour as-is? I'm brewing a Christmas ale that has a LOT of fermentable sugars... this should be interesting...