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    Solvent/Alcoholic flavors

    Condition it out. Put it in a carboy, airlock it and let it sit in a cool closet for a few months. Yes, you may lose some of the phenols you wanted (banana, clove, spice) to a degree, but hopefully the yeast will be able to condition out the nasty high ferment temps. It's a big, complex...
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    The new Hill Country Worthogs

    There was much drinking, rejoicing, and brewing of beer. Last night at about 10 or so we welcomed the arrival of a brand new porter into this world. Pity it will only have a lifespan measured in days after it is kegged and carbed, but thems the breaks.
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    Does home-brewed beer give less hangover or is it in my head?

    I hear the same and have some antecdotal evidence to support this premise. Year back I brewed a light American lager that my drink drank almost entirely in a single sitting (at least 2 of 3 gal worth). When he woke up the next morning he was shocked that he had no hangover but shortly...
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    Name that earthy flavor origin

    What flavors did you notice. Was there any flavor to speak of? Maybe there was a subpar batch going around. I bought mine from HEB in San Marcos, TX.
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    Name that earthy flavor origin

    You know, last time I had Torpedo I noticed the same. It was as if all the aggressive hopping was gone, no resiny Chinook, no floral, almost NO aroma at all and all I could taste was a little earthy bitterness like they switched to EK Golding or Fuggle. The bottle was not old at all but just...
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    North Carolina pulled pork trailer in Austin, TX? I must be crazy.

    Well, one good thing about being self employed is that I can take the time and post from work on my iPad. To any of you that own a small business or will be opening a small business let me state one thing, get an iPad. Seriously, this is easily the best business tool for small businesses, and...
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    North Carolina pulled pork trailer in Austin, TX? I must be crazy.

    Yeah, that's what I'm kind of worried about...that intersection has been ten different places in twenty years. That tells me a sad story, one in which I care not to repeat. You still in Austin?
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    North Carolina pulled pork trailer in Austin, TX? I must be crazy.

    Thanks! We've got really great BBQ, and we are certainly no stranger to long hard hours, however a little luck sure would help.
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    North Carolina pulled pork trailer in Austin, TX? I must be crazy.

    Yeah, it's a challenge. In most parts of Texas it is not considered BBQ unless it is brisket and/or ribs slathered in sauce (which I do love), but thankfully this is Austin, and people tend to be a little more open minded here, but a day doesn't go by that I get told it isn't Texas BBQ (which...
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    North Carolina pulled pork trailer in Austin, TX? I must be crazy.

    Rhamilton, we are located just off 29th and Guadalupe, well, 29th and Rio Grande to be exact. You can't miss us, we are a big pink trailer. Come on over, tell whoever is behind the counter (either Jay or myself) that Damon sent ya. Btw, we close at 7pm Monday through Saturday. Right now our...
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    North Carolina pulled pork trailer in Austin, TX? I must be crazy.

    Indeed, I must be. Well, here I am, starting month two of owning and running a North Carolina pulled pork food trailer, and boy let me tell you, it is stressful. Honestly though, if you had told me four months ago I would be doing this I wouldn't had believed you. I have no background in...
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    Hop Stoopid - Lagunitas

    This is one thing that I miss most from the west coast; fresh Lagunitas. Sure I can get it here in Texas, but its's not the same when it isn't fresh. My god, I miss west coast beer.
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    Consistently (really) low efficiency, here's my notes.

    Let me also put my agreement on preheating you MLT, also you should consider wrapping a nice thick blanket around the MLT during mash. In my igloo cooler MLT it saved me about 3 or 4 degrees over an hour. Again, I agree on a finer mill, for instance my local shop, which happens to be Austin Home...
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    So you ruin your batch of beer what do you do?

    I have a batch of imperial stout that never got down to an acceptable final gravity. No matter what I did I could not get it to drop below 1.036, and while it is very tasty it is simply too viscous and sweet. So, I have decided to brew another imperial stout but mash it super low and pitch a...
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    Its official

    Sounds like the time and place for an electric 10 gallon brewing system. This may or may not be an incident of transferrence on my part as I want to invest in an electric 10g brewing system. * * It is indeed.