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    5 gravity points anything to worry about?

    I would have to agree with bosox. OG and FG are just guidelines, however, if you are trying to clone a beer exactly and thats the recipe you want to follow as close as possibly. But who is to say thats they was it should be brewed, maybe a little higher FG will give it a better taste. Thats...
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    Rogue Paint label Removal

    I find it interesting that no one can get starsan to work. I leave my bottles in starsan at room temp for a day sometimes for 48 hours and the labels come right off. Yes, Rogue bottles, Stone bottles, all of the above that are silk screened. I used to live 40 mins from rogue so you can imagine...
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    Project "WOODY 3.0XPR" worlds first wooden, adjustable, 3 roller grain mill

    When this thing gets up and running you gotta take a video and post it, i wanna see this bad boy in action!!!! Very cool!
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    Keg tool

    I dunno what GreenMonti uses, however using a simple die and puller set that you can get for $50 at Harbor Freight works great when we TIG our equip together. All we do is start the bevel on the hole with the die getting you 70% of the way there then just pull the coupling right on through and...
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    Flash boiler

    Keep on rocking, Im really curious how this turns out. Kinda looks like a strange form of a calandria (used in commercial brewing). I have never really seen copper "welded" like that, normally we just braze it together. It looks pretty cool, keep us updated!
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    Kegging Emergency!! 911!

    Hahaha, I just had this same issue with my kegerator that is out in my un-insulated garage. I pulled pint off it a few nights ago and noticed that the beer had some killer kick to it (more than normal). The next day i went to have another beer and nothing came out.... Basically I got a little...
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    Kegerator conversion question?

    I wouldnt say its necessary for a fan in the tower. I have only had issues when its really hot, but 70 F or below and I dont have many issues with foaming. That being said, it is recommended :P But I would make it a last priority, get that thing up and running first. Adding a collar to a fridge...
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    Mini-Brew 6.5 conical for Christmas

    We are not trying to ruffle feather here man, just give good advice. Just for an example I will quote Michael Lewis (The guy that wrote the #1 fermentation science textbook "Brewing" I recommend reading it) "Yeast is harvested three times during frementation: After 1-2 days the yeast is...
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    Mini-Brew 6.5 conical for Christmas

    Chimone, I hate to break it to you but what khiddy is doing is whats recommended to do from pretty much all the major fermentation science books out there. The reason for doing this is not just because of the trub, of course there will still be trub floating around because of fermentation thats...
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    WTB: 10 Gallon Cooler

    I use a homedepot 10 gal cooler, got it for $39 its works great! put that with your 5 gal cooler and you can make some killer batches using both. It takes a little more effort using two MLT's but its worth it when you make a 14% all grain beer with no added sugar! Woot! Go hit up homedepot...
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    SOS - Kegtastrophy

    FYI, a tank can rust very easily on the inside if someone is careless with it and allows the CO2 to run completely out then hook it up to a pressurized keg without a check valve (yes even the gas line can get a little beer in it). Once beer gets into a CO2 tank you must take it in right away or...
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    Keg system for $100, too good to be true?

    The shipping is killer tho, it will be like $25 to ship all that. So you have to weigh out all the info. Even still its a good buy, even though I have a few keg setups I thought about getting this one and just selling the CO2 and Reg and keeping the rest. Probably would have come out even!
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    what tower to buy? model#d4743dt?

    Woah I just checked that link out, to upgrade to perlicks (assuming forward seal perlicks) and corny connections (dont know what type) its only $35 bucks, holy crap thats cheap. If you are looking to upgrade dude, this is a killer price! Edit: They are 525ss perlicks so thats $60 worth or...
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    what tower to buy? model#d4743dt?

    I actually bought this exact faucet on ebay from the same guy: Its the same dual tower D4743DT you were looking at. I absolutely love it and think...