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    Bottling from fermenter

    After I fill my keg I usually have 1-2L left in my stainless fermenter. I fill bottles right off the fermenter spigot after sanitizing. Then drop in 5 (500ml bottles) tablets in the bottle. Carbonation is little inconsistent but good enough for how easy it is.
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    Beersmith water profile questions

    One time I was using the water calculations tool in Beersmith, and for some reason it spit out a salt profile that had 2-3 times more calcium chloride than ever before. I went with it and the beer was more delicious than similar ones I've made the past. Afterwards I could not figure out what...
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    Don't Do That.

    If you plan to drop some big bucks for a sweet stainless brew bucket with a ball valve, don't forget to insert the racking arm. I know it's not a huge disaster, but dang, I've done it twice now.
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    Left Over Beer in the Fermenter

    What do you guys do with left over beer in the fermenter after you have filled your keg? I ended up with a couple liters left over. :P
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    ITC-1000 Short Cycling

    It wouldn't be too hard take the wattage down to 150. I'll give it a try. Thanks,
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    ITC-1000 Short Cycling

    I just finished a new fermentation chamber build with a 4.4 cu ft fridge. I added a 300W heater and use a Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-1000 for control. I found I need a Difference Set Value of 1 degC to avoid short cycling (cooling cycle overshoots, causing a heating cycle, which also...
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    High Temp Pitch Oopsy

    I tasted this beer yesterday and can report it's delicious. Had good attenuation too. No ill effects from accidentally pitching at 35degC.
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    More to balance than BU:GU?

    I had a similar problem with a similar recipe. I halved the % crystal in the next iteration. Turned out great.
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    Can I improve my BIAB process? Feedback requested

    It was either that or the flower power.
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    Can I improve my BIAB process? Feedback requested

    Tasted the beer, and it had astringency. I'm guessing I did release tannins by using the potato masher. Had to dump it. 😢 Won't do that again.