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    Wanted 2021 BCBS

    You so funny. I looked it up on Google.
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    Wanted 2021 BCBS

    Sorry but what is BCBS? I know it can't be Blue Cross Blue Shield lol.
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    I moved house, now my great tasting homebrew isn't so great anymore

    Water is about 90% or more of any beer and it is the most over looked ingredient. If nothing else, get a charcoal filter and some 5.2 ph buffer. I brewed with that for years and made excellent beers. I how have an RO system and build the water profile I want. The best brewer I've ever known when...
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    Last two brews were......

    What we're your mash temps. Excuse me if I overlooked it.
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    What I did for beer today

    10 gallons of future single malt scotch. And before you say anything, it is beer first.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Send us some of that rain, it's dry in Dallas.
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    Dry Kolsch Yeast Recommendations

    Wyeast 2565 if you have a LHBS near.
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    What are you drinking now?

    We visited this brewery in 2014, great bunch of people.
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    Make a starter or not make a starter?

    What beer are you brewing, ale or lager, what's the OG, and what is the cell count in the starter vs required? It matters.
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    Make a starter or not make a starter?

    A starter will propagate and increase cell count but it needs more than a day. It goes through the same steps each time. Five gal of wort with yeast is just a five gal starter. Shaking will work but a stir plate is better, it also draws some oxygen into the mix.
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    Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed

    What is your water pressure? It may be enough for the smaller kettle but not the larger one. BH sells a pump to increase water pressure.
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    Sanitized with clorox bleach but didn’t rinse

    I'd toss it. Lesson learned. I don't know what equipment you have but bleach will pit stainless steel.
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    Fusarium-Infected Malt. Salvaging by Picking the Bad Grains Out?

    WTF? Toss it and get some more. Vienna is Vienna, not much difference.
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    Show us your DIY stir plate!

    Super Strong Neodymium magents, get them on Amazon.