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    Beer forum

    Anyone else ever accidentally go to beer forum .com and mistake it for hbt? Its a pretty close copy, only thing there's no good content. I did about 5 searches with no results before realizing I was at the wrong place. Glad our search isnt broken like I was afraid of. Guess I should pay more...
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    Fermcaps not working

    Weird. I had my pot about half full heating up and left it too long and had it boil over, so i put in a few drops and nothing happened. Then I dumped in the rest of the wort (leaving 4 or 5 inches of head space) added the correct amount of drops, brought to a boil, and almost had it go over...
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    Fermcaps not working

    Does anyone know the shelf life of fermcaps? I used it two months ago and it was great. Boiled a little over 7 gallons in my 7.5 pot no problem. Today it didn't have any effect. I Probably added twice the recommended amount before I gave up. I kept it in the fridge like I've seen recommended.
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    Magic Hat HEX (my new favorite beer)

    It's fall already! My first time trying Hex and I loved it, enough to search it on HBT. Hopefully I won't be disappointed with my Oktoberfest in the next couple of weeks. It's nice that they list all of the ingredients on the magic hat website. I may just have to try adding some cherry wood...
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    American IPA My 2-time gold winning American IPA

    Has anyone ever used WLP026 on this or any American IPA? I'm thinking about using the yeast cake from my last batch for this recipe. Style charts on the white labs site give it the high rating for the style.
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    carbonating growlers/splitting a batch 10 ways

    I had one of those 1 gallon screw top jugs explode, but a 2 liter swing top growler was fine. I probably won't be trying the growler again since I've got a good bottle collection and don't want to risk it. It's thicker than normal bottles so I feel like it should be safe for lower car bed...
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    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    5 gallons of Oktoberfest ale 21909+5=21914
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    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    First all grain, 5 gallons of schwarzbier. Last poster was off so 18273+9+5=18287
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    StarSan Imploded!

    Not exactly sure what causes that. Possibly going from hot to cold, but I had a gas can do that after sitting outside for a day with no major temperature change. Can't imagine major temp changes inside of your house either. Guess I'm lucky it happened outdoors for me.
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    1.020 in bottles

    Update: Tried this beer after 3 weeks in the bottle and it's great. The sweetness mellowed out, and the carbonation is just right.
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    Can you bottle your brew into growlers?

    I've used one of those "fancy" style growlers but only once so I probably got lucky. I'm not gonna try it again. I've been eyeing 1liter swing top bottles of sparkling apple juice i saw at World Market though. Think they'd handle carbing pressures? They look just like ones I see for sale on...
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    has anyone bottled in a one gallon jug?

    Tried it with my first batch of beer back in high school (figured out the purchase of ingredients didn't have an age requirement :mug:). My girlfriend ended up with a closet full of beer and shards of glass. The gallon jug was all I lost, but it was 1/5 of that batch. Don't do it.
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    1L swing tops at World Market

    Today at World Market I managed to find 1 Liter amber colored swing top bottles of Pumpkin Spiced Sparkling Apple juice for $3.99. That's cheaper than I could find 1 Liter bottles online (including shipping). I'd imagine since they're holding a carbonated drink they'd be good for bottling...
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    1.020 in bottles

    Ok thanks. Are extract recipes usually sweeter tasting? Or will the sweetness be less of an issue after another 2 weeks in the bottle? Right now it's just a little too much.
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    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    4 deep dark wheat (Midwest) 5 American cream ale (brewers best) 14447