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    Citra and Mosaic combo

    I have read it is a good combo and I will be trying on my next batch.
  2. Brew-boy

    Conical Fermenter temperture control

    I use a Ranco with a fermwrap around my conical to heat it.
  3. Brew-boy

    Cell Count of White Labs Brett vials?

    3L starter and 2 vials of Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois is what I am making up today for my Farmhouse ale.
  4. Brew-boy

    White labs American Ale sucks

    Sorry man but it is not the yeasts fault check your process.
  5. Brew-boy is down :(

    Works for me and I use both, but I would not say Mr.Malty is horrible.
  6. Brew-boy

    What's your "go to" Yeast?

    PacMan and WLP002
  7. Brew-boy

    WLP037 Yorkshire Square... hmm

    I just made a Bitter with it and now I am wondering if I will have the same issues.
  8. Brew-boy

    I like my new Speidel fermenters a lot except for....

    Sounds crazy to me I own 2 the 19L and the 30L and never have this problem. I whirlpool in the kettle for 20 mins . and let it rest for 45 minutes. I transfer to the Speidel only clean wort and no trub. I actually tilt the Speidel towards the spigot to get every last drop. I think the whirlpool...
  9. Brew-boy

    PAC man yeast

    Pacman is a beast I use it a lot and have it on the stir plate now. I think Wyeast is the only one that makes it.
  10. Brew-boy

    Looking for a good club to join.

    We have a club about 40 mins North of you Lapeer Area Brewers.
  11. Brew-boy

    Fermenting an IPA..How long?

    All my beers I do not see a need for a second vessel. Pitch and ferment in one vessel when fermentation is done its done. I dry hop in the primary when fermentation is 70-80% done leave for a week and keg. This is the Tasty McDole method and I like it a lot.
  12. Brew-boy

    Whirlfloc and dry hopping

    You will still benefit from the whirfloc I only use a half tab per 5 gallons. I would still dry hop even though not a fan of cascade as a dry hop.
  13. Brew-boy

    How many ml?

    I think there is about 14ml of slurry in a White labs tube.
  14. Brew-boy

    First Starter Yeast...This foam normal?

    Looks normal to me.
  15. Brew-boy

    Easy Way to Sanitize Racking Cane?

    A+ to this I use the same thing.