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    Nitrogen tank with CO2 regulator / adapter

    I think I'll be ok, the low side gauge goes up to 60 psi so running beers at around 30 should be fine.
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    Nitrogen tank with CO2 regulator / adapter

    Bump...order shipping tomorrow
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    Nitrogen tank with CO2 regulator / adapter

    Just purchased a nitro tank etc and the adapter to fit a co2 regulator. Question is will this work for a dual regulator, I have a micromatic that the 2nd gauge is showing up to 3k psi....but I will be running 2 nitro lines off of it.
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    Cigar City/other good beers in Florida?

    If you have time to go to Tampa / St. Pete check out Cycle Brewing very solid beers!
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    Cigar City/other good beers in Florida?

    Have been to Orlando 3 times this year for work. Cigar City is readily is Funky Buddha and Intuition...all good stuff especially Funky Buddha
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    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    I wish everyone thought the way you do so I could get it more than I already each their own
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    Did I ruin my beer with gelatin??

    As soon as it's cold add gelatin
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    Rice Hulls

    Literally brewing a pumpkin ale now...4lbs purée in the mash with 1 lb of rice hulls, no problem at all
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    Bubble Gum WLP005 Going to let these warm up and take a sample in a couple of days. Just really weird that I am getting bubble gum now and not in any of my samples including when I kegged. I ususally don't take a sample from the keg until 1 week on gas so maybe I am testing too early and this has...
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    Bubble Gum WLP005

    The more I think about it the more stumped I get. I just kegged the brown ale last night and I didn't pick up any bubble gum flavor. The beer is still very flat so maybe it is just too green of a beer at this point?
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    Bubble Gum WLP005

    So I just kegged 2 batches brewed with the same harvested WLP005 yeast. Both have a bubble gum aroma which I've never had before. Is there any way to save these? I am thinking of letting the kegs sit at room temp for a couple of weeks to see if things can clear up. I fermented around 64 and...
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    Lack of blowoff during fermentation mean anything

    Yeast are a living organism...every batch will be different. As long as you pitched enough yeast I wouldn't worry about the blowoff
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    Cropduster cream ale
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    Chicago craft breweries?

    Three Floyds is not *too* far away