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State / Province
South Carolina
Real Name
Brett Bellmore
Favorite Music
Evanescence and Jane Child.
Favorite Movies
The Monkey King, Havoc at Heaven's Gate
Favorite Television Shows
Basically don't watch TV, but I used to watch Alton Brown occasionally.
Favorite Books
Charles Stross's "Library" series
Home Brewing Biography
I began home brewing back in the late 90's, when my first wife divorced me after cleaning out my bank accounts, a year after our marriage. I wanted an interesting way to drink myself to death.

Got over that part of it, but it proved to be an interesting hobby, worth continuing after I decided I'd stick around, and found myself a much nicer woman.

I brew mead because I don't like beer. Nothing personal, just don't like the taste of hops.

For a long while I stuck to 1 gallon batches in old cider jugs, but I've moved up to 3 gallons in a glass carboy, and am looking to switch to conical fermenters in the near future.
Future Brews
Planning on trying a capsumel, after sampling the Carolina Peach Reaper mead at the Wandering Bard Meadery. (Which, conveniently, is within walking distance of my home.)
Currently, a 3 gallon batch of Key lime ginger mead.
1 gallon of blackberry mead.
Already drank all the bottles, darn it!