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    Lager brewing process

    If you have the ability to do a diacetyl rest then I would, especially with something as delicate as a Mexican Lager. I did a Mexican Lager a couple of months ago and I did one but I think I did it too late in the fermentation process and it came out with a bit of a buttery taste in the...
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    Perfect. I wasn't expecting an entire manual but this is exactly what I was looking for.
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    Been looking at buying a control panel from and was hopefully going to go the DIY route and install all the components myself. I like to think of myself as very handy but was wondering if anyone who has purchased the DIY control panel would be able to provide a page or two of...
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    Off flavors in IPA but not brown ale

    If you are in a small space and on a budget you could always Google Swamp Cooler Fermentation and that should help keep temps lower than 78°. I used it for my first couple of brews and worked pretty well.
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    Nukatap Faucets

    Yes it is the new design. I assumed they were pretty standard but wasn't 100%. Would hate to get rid of my Perlicks since they are still in perfect working condition and look great but I just like the thought of the accessories. And while the black Nukataps don't seem to be out yet, those...
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    Missing Gravity Points

    You may see some.
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    Missing Gravity Points

    You could probably go a little higher than that but that should be the right ballpark.
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    Nukatap Faucets

    I have seen a bunch of talk recently about the new Nukataps that have been released and the options of having the stout faucet and other accessories is appealing. I currently have Perlick faucets and was wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to use the current shanks I have with the...
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    Missing Gravity Points

    What is the temp of your fermenter right now? If you haven't already you could raise the temp for a diacetyl rest and you will more than likely get down to your expected final gravity of 1.013.
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    Missing Gravity Points

    Are you saying you checked the gravity and it hasn't moved from what your original gravity was a week ago? Sorta confused by your question. If you feel you have hit your final gravity you could add more fermentables to your beer and if the yeast is still active it will consume and possible...
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    How To: Recharge a freezer or fridge

    Thank you for this write up. I have a freezer in the basement that runs but doesn't get cold and I have been using as a fermentation chamber still because it kept temps around the high 60s. But I thought about getting rid of it since it really isn't needed but now I am going to try do this and...
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    Are IPAs hard to brew?

    I don't think IPAs any harder to brew than most ales really. 72° might be a tad high for an ale in my opinion but certainly not out of the range of most ale yeasts. The diacetyl from the first one is weird seeing how from my understanding it is usually cleaned up at around 70° or so. At least...
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    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird IHT-1P waterproof instant read thermometer (ended)

    Was just looking at these on Amazon earlier today.
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    Inkbird ITC-308

    That was my point too but figured why not ask.
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    Inkbird ITC-308

    I just recently got an ITC-308 to use in my fermentation fridge. I am attempting to calibrate it and was wondering if I should calibrate it like I would my Thermapen (at freezing and boiling) or should I use my Thermapen to measure it at typical fermentation temperatures? Thanks.