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    Need Help Converting All Grain to Extract

    Hello, I am trying to convert an all grain to extract. It calls for 6.5lb of Continental European Pils malt (2row) and 7lbs Munich Malt and 5oz 120L crystal malt. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jim
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    Using Jelly in Beer

    So...I have some homemade jelly, could I use when making beer? It has a delicious flavor and could be great in a wheat beer. Thoughts?
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    Bad Fermentation

    Thanks for the great feedback, so it seems at this point, I should just at yeast and see what happens?
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    Bad Fermentation

    Yes...and there was really no change.
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    Bad Fermentation I was brewing an extract Spiced Winter Ale and for the first time I used those smack packs from WYeast. It appeared to be fermenting fine, so today I moved it to the secondary and gave it a taste and I taste no alcohol at all. Tastes just like malt. Am I screwed here or is there a way...
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    Peach Imperial IPA

    1 lbs. Melanoidin Malt 7 lbs. Muntons Light LME 1 lbs. Light Brown Sugar 2 oz. Perle (Whole, 8.25 %AA) boiled 60 min. .5 oz. Sterling (Whole, 7.50 %AA) boiled 30 min. .5 oz. Sterling (Whole, 7.50 %AA) boiled 15 min. 1tsp Irish Moss 4oz Peach Extract...
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    Trying a Peach Imperial IPA

    Only my second batch and maybe I am reaching here but I just racked my Peach Imperial IPA into the secondary. Been in there a few days and just tasted.....tastes like a great IIPA, but no hint of peach. I added 4oz of Peach Extract.....and nothing. 1lb Melanoidin I used 7lbs of Muntons...
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    Beginner Needing some Advice

    Thanks for the replies. My carboy is glass and last time I put the brew pot in a sink of cold water. I know it was infected by the putrid smell and taste. It was sour almost like a vinegar. I had a feeling even before bottling that is was bad, but bottled anyway. Gotta go back, empty...
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    Beginner Needing some Advice

    Hello all, I am a noob....I have tried one batch that got infected and brewing again this Sunday and want to run my process by you all and get some advice. Here is my recipe...a peach summer ale. 1 lbs. Honey Malt 6.6 lbs. Liquid Light Extract .75 lbs. Light Brown Sugar 1 oz...